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Spanish wordmeaning in EnglishfeaturesxThe 25th letter of the Spanish alphabetletterXThe 25th letter that the Spanish alphabetletterxalapeñoXalapean; indigenous or pertained to a place named XalapaadjxalapeñoXalapean; who from Xalapamxantanoxanthan, xanthan gumm xantatoxanthatef xantófilaxanthophyllf xantinaxanthinef xóchilflowerm Xóchitlfemale given nameprop xenófoboxenophobicadjxenófoboxenophobemxenónxenonmxeno-xeno-prefixxenobiologíaastrobiologyfxenofobiaxenophobiafxenotrasplantexenotransplantm xero-xero- (all senses)prefixxerocopiarto photocopyvixerocopiarto do a star chep ofvtxeroftalmiaxerophthalmiaf xerografíaxerography (all senses)fxerografiarto make a xerography ofvt xerografiarto reproduce through xerographyvxerográficamentexerographicallyadvxerográficoxerographicadjxixi; the Greek letter Ξ, ξfxilanoxylanm xilemaxylemmxilenoxylenem xilófagoxylophagousadj xilófagoxylophagem xilófonoxylophonemxilitolxylitolm xilo-xylo-prefixxilofonistaxylophonistfxiloglucanoxyloglucanm xilosaxylosef xilulosaxylulosef -xiónSuffix indicating a process, activity or effect, favor "-ction" in English, used in a very scarce team of Spanish words, being these:suffixXiquenaA castle in Lorca, in the an ar of Murcia, SpainpropXiquenaThe letter X in the Spanish voice alphabetpropxánticoxanthicadjXochimilcoOne the the sixteen boroughs (delegaciones) the the Mexican federal Districtpropxocoatolesoured atolem xoconostleA varieties of prickly pear cactus, Opuntia matudae, native to central Mexicom xoconostleThe acidic fruit of this cactusm xocoyoteThe youngest child of a familym xoloitzcuintleXoloitzcuintlimXutixtioxAn historical site in Sacapulas (El Quiché, Guatemala).prop

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