Definition & Meaning: Mal source Word

Roots are the building blocks the words. Together there are many branches that a tree, an in similar way there deserve to be many words created by the same root. Among the most efficient ways to boost your vocabulary is to discover roots, specifically roots of commonly used indigenous so that you deserve to remember the an interpretation of the words. In this article, us will check out the root word: Mal

You must have heard words choose Malice, Malignant or Malediction. One point that is typical among all of these indigenous is that they all refer to something poor or evil. The prefix mal- is usually added to adjust the definition to an unfavorable and refers to bad, unpleasant or unsuccessful things. It deserve to be defined by the origin, wherein mal- comes from Latin root male which method ‘badly’, and a mnemonic you can use to remember it is the males room bad, just kidding we room not versus the male species.

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Let’s take a native malevolent as an example. The is an adjective that explains someone, that does or desires to do injury or angry to others. In various other words:

‘Malevolent’ breaks under into: Mal: poor or angry Volent: will or selection Mal +Volent: Ill-will or hatred; wishing angry to others

Example sentence: after ~ experiencing major maladies throughout pregnancy she offered birth to a malformed infant.

Words based on the Mal root Word

1. Mala fide: act something in poor faith, in an attempt to deceive who 2. Malabsorption: negative absorption that food 3. Maladjusted: A bad capability to adjust to a social setting 4. Malaise: A basic state of feeling badly; sickness 5. Malign: Evil-natured 6. Malefactor: Evildoer 7. Malady: Bad an illness 8. Malapropism: A negative use/misuse the words due to ignorance 9. Malaria: “bad air” or a condition carried by mosquitoes 10. Malcontent: One that is dissatisfied and wants to change a bad for him situation 11. Malediction: Curse native uttered to cause evil 12. Malefactor: One that committed a crime or walk a bad thing 13. Maleficence: angry 14. Malfeasance: law an evil thing/ commiting a crime (esp. Officials) 15. Malformed: Badly created (bodies) 16. Malice: Desire come inflict damage or angry on rather 17. Maliferous: act a poor thing 18. Malignant: Evil-natured, negative for health and wellness 19. Malism: An ideological background that the human being is angry 20.

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A poor smell

Hope these words regarded Root word Mal aided you boost your vocabulary. Usage roots indigenous to improve your vocabulary and remember an ext and an ext words.