The letter X and also Z room friends. They’re 2 of the highest-scoring letter in both Scrabble and Words through Friends. Also better, uneven the solitary J or codependent Q (Q’s fixation on U verges ~ above unhealthy, however Q does get out and make other friends sometimes) castle actually take place in numerous words together. Read and also inwardly digest this list of 49 an useful words with X and Z come make sure those letters space out stacking points, instead of grounding in her hand.

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Words containing Both X and also Z

3-Letter Words

5-Letter Words

ZAXES - an ext than one device for cut roofing slates, gasp!

7-Letter Words

8-Letter Words

OXAZINES - the carbon/hydrogen/nitrogen/oxygen thing, but more of them.

OXIDIZED - previous tense of “oxidize.”

OXIDIZER - the which reasons something to oxidize.

OXIDIZES - present tense singular of “oxidize.”

9-Letter Words

EXORCIZED - previous tense and past jet of “exorcize.” In various other words, remember when you and also Max von Sydow drove the evil heart out of her toaster yesterday? right on, girlfriend exorcized the sucker.

EXORCIZER - And, when you drove the end that evil spirit, you became an exorcizer, one who drives out evil spirits.

EXORCIZES - now that she an exorcizer, friend might build a rep as someone who drives out evil spirits.

MAXIMIZED - To be made as big as possible. You desire your financial institution account maximized. Friend don’t desire your credit transaction card debt maximized.

MAXIMIZER - someone or miscellaneous that provides a point as huge as possible.

MAXIMIZES - once someone do a thing as big as possible. A maximizer maximizes, and so a thing is maximized.

OXAZEPAMS - much more than one of a medication used to treat anxiety and alcohol withdrawal.

OXIDIZERS - In chemistry, much more than one of something that causes something rather to oxidize.

OXIDIZING - In chemistry, if other is uniting through oxygen, it’s oxidizing.

10-Letter Words

DEOXIDIZED - In chemistry, a compound v some or all oxygen eliminated is deoxidized.

DEOXIDIZER - who or miscellaneous that causes deoxidizing.

DEOXIDIZES - In chemistry, when a link loses oxygen, it deoxidizes.

EPOXIDIZED - In chemistry, once a compound has been convert to one epoxide, or has reacted or been treated through an epoxide, it has epoxidized.

EPOXIDIZES - In chemistry, when a compound is convert to an epoxide, or is reacting or being treated through an epoxide, the epoxidizes.

EXOENZYMES - In biology, much more than one enzyme created inside a cell, the functions exterior that cell.

EXORCIZERS - much more than one human driving out evil spirits. Favor you and Max von Sydow, when you taken on the Toaster that Doom.

EXORCIZING - Driving out spirits, similar to your now demon-free toaster.

EXPERTIZED - come have provided an skilled opinion ~ above the genuineness or value of a an useful item.

EXPERTIZES - supplies an experienced opinion top top a an useful item.

MAXIMIZERS - more than one person or point that provides something else as large as possible.

MAXIMIZING - coming to be as huge as possible.

OXIDIZABLE - In chemistry, qualified of being oxidized.

REOXIDIZED - In chemistry, other that has actually reunited v oxygen ~ deoxidizing has actually reoxidized.

REOXIDIZES - In chemistry, as soon as something is reuniting with oxygen, that thing reoxidizes.

SEXUALIZED - To have endowed other with sex-related significance.

SEXUALIZES - Endows something with sex-related significance.

TEXTURIZED - come have had a wanted texture added.

TEXTURIZES - adds a wanted texture to something.

High-Scoring Possibilities

High-value letters deserve to be beautiful nuisances, pour it until it is full up her hand through high-point possibilities however often offering no possibility of playing them. Find out as countless words that have X and also Z as you can and also put those high-toned freeloaders to work. Because that more, view our list of words that start with, finish with and contain the letters X or Z.

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