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\"You must Be Here\" is a song co-written and recorded by American nation music artist Cole Swindell. The song was released to radio on December 14, 2015 by Warner Bros. Nashville together the lead solitary to his second studio album that the very same name (2016). The song, composed by Swindell and also Ashley Gorley, is a tribute to Swindell\"s dad who died unexpectedly while Swindell was out on tour after signing his record deal. \"You should Be Here\" reached number one on both the Billboard country Airplay and Hot country Songs charts respectively, providing Swindell his fourth number-one country hit overall. It additionally gave him his 2nd top 40 fight on the warm 100, peaking in ~ number 31. The tune was certified 2X platinum by the RIAA, and also has offered 706,000 copies in the United says as the July 2016. That achieved comparable chart success in Canada, peaking at number 3 on the country chart and number 67 on the Canadian warm 100. One accompanying music video for the tune was command by Michael Monaco.more »

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It\"s perfect external its favor god let me dial increase the weatherGot the totality crew here, i ain\"t seen several of them in foreverIt\"s among those never forget it, much better stop and also take the in kinda scenesEverything\"s just right yeah except for one thingYou need to be here, standing v your arm about me hereCutting up, cracked a cold beerSaying cheers, hey y\"all it\"s certain been a good yearIt\"s one of those moments, that\"s gained your surname written all over itAnd you know that if I had just one wish it\"dBe the you didn\"t need to miss thisYou have to be hereYou\"d be taking way too numerous pictures on her phoneShowing them off to everybody the you know ago homeAnd also some girlfriend don\"t yeahThey say now you\"re in a far better placeAnd I would be too if I could see her faceYou need to be here, standing with your arm roughly me hereCutting up, cracked a cold beerSaying cheers, hey y\"all it\"s certain been a good yearIt\"s among those moments, that\"s acquired your name written anywhere itAnd you understand that if I had actually just one great It\"d be the you didn\"t have to miss thisAw you should be hereYou\"d be loving this, you\"d it is in freaking out, you\"d be smiling, yeahI understand you\"d be all about what\"s going on right below right nowGod i wish in which method you can be hereOh you should be hereYeah this is one of those moments that\"s got your name written anywhere it and you know that if I have actually just one great it\"d be the you didn\"t have to miss thisAw you must be hereYou must be here

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Cole Swindell Colden Rainey Swindell (born June 30, 1983) is one American nation music singer and songwriter. Swindell has actually written singles because that Craig Campbell, cutting board Rhett, Scotty McCreery, and also Luke Bryan, and also has released three albums for Warner Bros. Documents Nashville.

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He has actually released ripe singles, of i m sorry seven have actually charted in ~ the optimal 5 that Hot country Songs and/or nation Airplay. More »