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Nothing because that sale! A girlfriend of mine had actually a neighborhood gun shop price his collection for insurance money purposes, however they come up through ridiculously low prices. I tried gunsamerica, but got confused since I"m no collector, and also I don"t recognize if they market for what they"re asking. I said I"d shot to help. Pistol shop came up v $140.00 out of a book.It"s a Winchester design 94 in 30-30 pre 1964. What have to he insure it for?thanks.John
I would certainly reccomend a copy the Fajestads Blue publication of gun Values, that will provide you several prices based upon condition and any various other variables choose barrel length, unexplained caliber, ect. They are usually a little greater than actual market price, but that just could be in my area.
Without spring in any book, but having several lever actions in my repertoire (including Dad"s 1957 94 30-30), I"d need to say that any kind of pre-64 version 94 30-30 in great condition (not a commemorative or unique model) need to at the very least start at about 275-300 dollars. Thats what I view decent examples going for below in Texas. Examples with special features, calibers, an elaborate wood or inexplicable barrel lengths and also short magazines will definately go for more. If they come from the factory that way.Still, this is lever-action/cowboy country and also these firearms are seek after. The value may be less in another component of the country. 140 dollars is means undervalued, though!Hope this helps.- Bimmercat
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Yeah, I"ve got a pre-64 winnie and also I"d say $300 is much more like typical for one in kind shape. I"ve seen civilization trying to acquire alot more for them, however seldom lot less.
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Thanks for the replies
The blue publication is what they were using and also I have the right to tell friend it may be what folks watch to because that the publisher"s opinion on values. . .but castle aren"t everywhere near market values, that"s because that sure. Ns had always heard the it, but Fajestads Blue publication is what the shop used and also all his guns are means undervalued. Based on what"s keep going at places like, Fajestad"s is worthless.I doubt that the values room what the shops might pay that to take it in a provided gun that they"d note up to resell, but he"s interested in what he"d need to pay come buy a replacement and the Blue publication isn"t any an excellent for that.Thanks for your help! $275-300 sounds an ext reasonable. Preesh!John
John,I usage that publication quite often at gunshows, as I"m in the business. I doubt you space right around how he"s pricing the rifle, suspect he"s going come buy it. You would certainly be far better off to use the book yourself and price it according to actual condition and features. His method (the gunshop guy) sounds prefer wholesale and you must be looking in ~ retail. Therefore, in the varying prices, you have to be looking at the high end, based on the condition and also features the the gun. Also, gunsamerica and also gunbroker .coms are good places to obtain a reasonable idea the the retail price.Hope this helps,Dave in Oakwood, GAAces & Eights custom Guns
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John,As girlfriend know, condition has a an excellent deal to execute with it, together does what part of the nation you"re in. It would certainly also help if you would give a partial serial number.Granted anything made before 1964 is a pre-64 but ... Pre-64 Winchester 94s were made in between 1949-1964. Think me, $300 maybe
way, way low.FWIW;1894s- Oct. 20, 1894 to roughly serial #950,000, so late 1924 when Winchester removed the 1 & 8 native the stamping die, they climate officially ended up being the design "94.Pre-wars-1924 come 1943, roughly serial #950,000 come #1,350,000.

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Flatbands-1943 to 1949, simply after serial #1,317,450 to around #1,550,000Pre-64s- 1949 to 1964, simply after serial #1,550,000 come serial #2,600,011, supposedly the last pre-64 model 94.
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