A German-born physicist who offered new idea top top space, time, energy, and also matter. He came up through the theory of relativity which brought uncertainty right into science and how human being viewed the world.

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An Austrian physicist who built the concept that human actions is beyond reason, coming up through the idea of the unconscious. Freud"s ideas weakened belief in reason.
Germany"s brand-new Democratic government. It had actually weaknesses native the begin which caused major economic troubles in Germany.
Roosevelt"s project which involved large public functions projects and government aid to the poor, developed in order to traction the us out the the depression.
A militant political activity that emphasized commitment to the state and its leader, provided by Mussolini in Italy
A fascist political leader who promised to rescue Italy through reviving its economy and rebuilding its armed forces. He take it legal strength in Italy in 1922 and also attempted to make it a totally fascist state.
The leader of the nazi activity who led the nazis to finish control end Germany and who sparked WWII with his make the efforts to spread nazism to the remainder of the world and also wipe the end Jews.
Giving in to an aggressor to save peace. Appeasement was offered by the British to attempt preventing war with Germany.
A basic who lead a fascist revolt and also became Spain"s fascist dictator in 1939 v the aid of Mussolini and also Hitler.
A conference of Germany, France, Britain, and Italy top top September 29, 1938 to discuss the potential war.
What effect did Einstein"s concept of relativity and also Freud"s concept of the unconscious have on the public?
Both made the public uncertain and also question the see they had actually previously hosted of the world, but likewise made an excellent strides in the clinical world.
The car was made well-known after WWI, leading to lifestyle changes in the typical family. Airplane and significant airlines were likewise established in the 1920s. Radios and also movies became major industries in the 20"s as well, offering a new source that entertainment.
The Weimar Republic was thought about weak due to the fact that it lacked a strong democratic tradition, had actually too plenty of political parties, was blamed because that the postwar humiliation resulted in by the Versailles treaty, and also caused a significant economic dilemm in Germany.
The stock industry crash of 1929 was led to majorly by the uneven circulation of wealth. Families might not afford come buy goods, factories had actually to lay off workers, an ext families could not afford, etc. As well as this, there to be a global surplus of agricultural goods i m sorry lowered their value and drove farmers in America the end of business.
Italians were angry at the absence of territorial gains in 1919, and blamed it on their autonomous government. They wanted a leader that would take activity and who was different from the present government.
In Mein Kampf, Hitler placed forward his ideas that Germans to be a "master race" and also that every others to be lesser, and also expressed his disagreement v the Versailles treaty and his goal to offer Germany much more space by conquering Russia and also Eastern Europe.

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Japan planned to fix its economic problems by keeping the emperor in power and also restoring classic control the the federal government to the military. They likewise wanted to fix the nations economic troubles through foreign expansion to offer Japan room for its rising population.

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