Do you know how the golden State Warriors gained their name?

Philadelphia Warriors

To understand why the team from gold State is called the Warriors, we an initial must go ago in background to check out where the team came from. The warrior haven’t always played in Oakland. The team started in Philadelphia. Started in 1946, the owner Peter A. Tyrrell want to provide the team a name from one old basketball team. And like that, the Philadelphia Warriors to be formed. The team played in Philadelphia until 1962, when Franklin Miuelli to buy the team, and also moved it to the West Coast.

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Before the 1962-1963 NBA season, the Warriors relocated to mountain Francisco but kept the name Warriors. Castle only changed the city calling us the “San Francisco Warriors. The current name, gold State Warriors, to be born before the 1971-72 NBA season when the warriors started specifically using Oakland Arena as the residence floor.

SF Warriors logo 1962-69

The name golden State warriors was favored as a method to represent the entire state that California. Throughout the 71-72 season, the Warriors played 0 games in san Francisco, six games in san Diego, and the rest in Oakland.

Why are the gold State warrior are called the “dubs”?

Many groups in the NBA have actually a nickname, however usually, the nickname is basic to figure out on her own. In many cases, the nickname is just a much shorter version that the initial name. Because that example, Cavs because that Cavaliers, Mavs for Mavericks and also so on. In the instance of the Warriors, the exact same principle applies, yet in a various manner.

Warriors Logo

The nickname Dubs to be born in the at an early stage 1990s. The team was having playoff success after ~ a while. In the 1990-1991 season, they made it to the Conference Semifinals and also then shed in the first round in 92 and 94. Nevertheless, the younger fans of the franchise want to offer the team a nickname. They decided the exact same principle, shortening words “Warriors.” Fans began pronouncing the name of the team together “W’s.” quickly after, the “W” from warriors was changed to the proper pronunciation, which is “dub-a-u.” and then, the term “dub” was born. The term “dubs” recorded fire through the younger generation, and also even the fans started referring themselves together dubs. For this reason in a way, the Warriors name is shortened as the Cavs and also Mavs are, however with a twist.

Why golden State warriors are dubbed “dub nation”?

The City Logo

We touch the subject in the vault question, yet let’s walk deeper right into it. The term Dub country refers come the cumulative whole of fans that space rooting because that the gold State Warriors. Every fan of the team is component of the Dub Nation. Fans called themselves “Dubs,” and also shortly after they thought of “forming a nation,” the “dub nation.” They supplied the very same abbreviation because that the cumulative whole together they offered for the Warriors. Therefore, rather of “”Warriors Nation,” the fans are “The Dub Nation.”Why space the Warriors called “The City”?

You’ve probably seen the retro jerseys that the warriors wear native time come time, and the hatchet “The City” is embodied in them.

The term refers to the city of san Francisco, the city that was the 2nd home the the Warriors once they relocated native the east to the West coast. The jerseys with “The City” logo were brought back in the 2000s as part of the whole throwback uniform program by the NBA. At the finish of the 2016 regular NBA season, it was announced that gold State Warrior Stephen Curry had actually the number one offering NBA Jersey for the season complied with by Kobe Bryant 2nd and Lebron James third for the 2nd year in a row.

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