L> lecture05 21 January2005Lecture 5Reading, Chapter3II. The ChemicalNature of Life.C. BiologicalmoleculesBiological molecules,sometime called biomolecules, space uniquely connected with livingthings. They have tendency to be large, facility molecules. Living points aremade the them and they are made virtually exclusively by life things.All biomolecules arebased on carbon (C) atoms. Carbon has 6 protons, 2 electrons in itsfirst shell, and also only 4 electron in its 2nd shell. This method itcan form 4 solid covalent bonds with various other atoms by sharingelectrons with them to fill its outer shell. This residential property of carbonallows many complex and steady molecules come be constructed withit.Many biomolecules arepolymers, meaning that they space made by connecting smaller sized molecules,called monomers, into larger ones. Polymers are chains ofmonomers.There room 4 basickinds that biomolecules. Most of lock are already familiar to you ascomponents of your diet (your food is mostlybiomolecules):CarbohydratesSugars, starches, cellulose (wood, cotton). Starch and cellulose are polymers the sugarsLipidsFats, oils, steroid hormones.ProteinsEnzymes, structural protein (hair). Proteins are polymers of amino acids.NucleicacidsDeoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), ribonucleic acid (RNA). Her genes are made of DNA. 1.CarbohydratesCarbohydrates arecalled carbohydrates since they contain carbon, hydrogen, andoxygen. They commonly have OH teams on them, which space polar, andfor this reason they tend to be hydrophilic. Part examplesinclude:a.SugarsSugars are provided bycells because that energy and also as building blocks for various other biologicalmolecules. An example isglucose, also known together blood sugar. Glucose is little (6 carbons) anddissolves easily in water since it has actually a number of polar oh groupsattached to its carbons. Glucose (and other things we"ll speak aboutlater) is taken increase in her intestine from her food and transportedin her blood so that the many cells of her body deserve to use it. Tothese cells, glucose is fuel and raw product for do otherbiological molecules.Another typical sugaris sucrose, also known together table sugar. It is composed of one glucosemolecule and also one furustos molecule (another sugar) bound together. Ithas 12 carbons (still small) and likewise dissolves easily in water. Itis transported around the body of plants together fuel and also raw materialfor making other organic molecules. For example, stored strength inthe root of tree is converted to sucrose and also transported increase thetrunk to the buds in springtime. The buds start to grow and also make newleaves utilizing the sucrose as fuel and raw material. Later in the year,the leaves will certainly make sucrose through photosynthesis and also send it under thetrunk come the roots to be made into starch. (In the situation of part mapletrees, the sap and its dissolved sucrose have the right to be extract from thetrunk and also made into maple syrup).b. StarchesStarches space polymersof sugars, frequently glucose. Starch molecules room large, hundreds ofcarbons. They are provided for warehouse of sugars. They room made the sugarsand deserve to be broken down into sugars again as soon as needed. Plants storelarge quantities of starch, e.g. The strength in a potato or a serial ofrice. Animals store tiny amounts the starch, e.g. The glycogen inyour liver and also muscles.c.CelluloseLike starches,cellulose is a polymer that glucose however the glucose monomers areconnected with more chemical bonds than in starch. This makescellulose very solid and insoluble in water, unlike starch. This isgood due to the fact that plants use cellulose because that structure. Lumber containscellulose as execute the cotton fibers in her clothing. Record is mostlycellulose.2.LipidsLipids incorporate fatsand oils. Castle are constructed of long chains of carbon and also hydrogencalled fatty acids. These chains space not polar and lipids do notdissolve or mix well with water because that this reason. You can see this ina party of vinegar and oil salad dressing. ~ shaking, the oilalways off in globules floating in the and water. We willdescribe triglycerides and membrane lipids now and discuss steroidhormones and also other lipids later on (there are numerous different kinds oflipids).a.TriglyceridesTriglycerides arefats and oils, e.g. Vegetables oil. Fat are provided for storage byanimals. Prefer starch, they can be converted into sugars and also othercompounds when needed yet they are much less bulky 보다 starch, i.e. Agram the fat consists of much much more available power than a gram ofcarbohydrate. This is good because animals, unequal plants, are mobileand can"t afford to carry roughly bulky warehouse materials. If yourstored fat to be magically convert to one energetically equivalentamount of starch, you would certainly weigh second 40 lbs. Part plantsalso use triglycerides together storage product in their seeds. Such seedsare referred to as oilseeds and also are the source of some vegetableoils.Triglycerides arecomposed of 3 fatty mountain chains attached to a glycerol molecule,hence the name triglyceride. They space non-polar and hydrophobic, i.e.they execute not dissolve in or mix well through water.b. MembranelipidsThese includephospholipids and others. They different from triglycerides in that theyare written of two lengthy fatty mountain chains and one little polar "headgroup" attached to a glycerol molecule. This method that one finish of amembrane lipid is polar and also hydrophilic (will dissolve in orassociate with water), while the other end is hydrophobic. Ifmembrane lipids are mixed with water, they type double-layeredspheres v the polar head groups dealing with out into the water and also thefatty acid tails dealing with inward. A dual layer that membrane lipids isthe major component of cabinet membranes.3.ProteinsProteins make lifehappen. Every the functions of cells are performed by proteins. Youcould think that them as tiny molecular machines. Each has actually their ownspecific job and there are countless hundreds of hundreds of differentkinds in the life world. In comparison come proteins, otherbiological molecules are simple and not an extremely interesting.Carbohydates room little more than fuel and raw material for proteins.Lipids are mainly a procession for proteins that job-related together inmembranes. DNA and also RNA are merely the instructions for makingproteins.Proteins deserve to bedivided right into 2 varieties based top top what they execute in cell andorganisms:Proteins room polymersof amino acids. There room 20 various kinds that amino acids supplied forproteins. Lock have different chemical properties: some are polar,some space non-polar, some room basic, some are acidic.

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These differentchemical properties are really important to the duty of proteinsbecause they recognize protein shape.The size of theamino acid chain that a protein (typically hundreds come thousands ofamino acids) and also the stimulate of that amino acids define the structureand role of a protein. Through 20 different amino acids that deserve to becombined in different orders and also in various numbers, over there is anearly infinite number of different proteins the are possible in theliving world.