We know Voldemort devoted his life to death a simple boy, bother Potter. And he no opposed to killing rather either. However Voldemort didn’t like to death witches and also wizards and also called the unnecessary. So why did he kill Lily and James Potter if James to be a pure-blood wizard i beg your pardon Voldemort appreciated? The price is simple.

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Voldemort actually wanted to kill Harry Potter because of a prophecy that claimed there was a boy whose powers will be the finish of Voldemort. Voldemort was certain it was about Harry since they common a comparable past and was convinced he to be his mortal enemy and also his parents acquired in the way. For this reason Voldemort had to kill them to gain to Harry.

How to be Harry’s parents connected in this whole mess the a war and what was Voldemort’s reasoning behind death them? Keep reading to discover the complete story of Lily and James’ catastrophic ending.

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Why go Voldemort desire to death Harry Potter?
Why go Voldemort death Lily and James Potter?

Why did Voldemort want to death Harry Potter?

Years before Harry’s birth and Lily and James’ death, professor Trelawney was just being interviewed because that a task at Hogwarts when she uttered a prophecy us learn around in the books and also movies that began the whole story:

„The one v the strength to vanquish the Dark lord approaches… born come those who have actually thrice defied him, born together the saturday month dies… and also the Dark lord will note him as his equal, yet he will have power the Dark mr knows not… and either must die in ~ the hand of the various other for neither deserve to live while the other survives… the one with the strength to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the saturday month dies…“

Harry Potter and also the stimulate of the Phoenix


Both Lily and also James wished to safeguard their baby, and also when Voldemort called Lily to step away as her critical chance, she refused and also gave she life for her only son.

They were both Gryffindor students in ~ Hogwarts institution of Witchcraft and also Wizardry and also members the the order of the Phoenix i beg your pardon fought versus the dark forces Voldemort was controlling. They both also fought in the first Wizarding War.

James Potter to be a pure-blood born to parents Euphemia and also Fleamont Potter in England. Once he was sorted into Gryffindor he automatically made new friends who we know really well: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew.

He didn’t have a good relationship with Severus Snape who he also made funny of in school which plainly left a note on Snape’s emotional health and also development. But Snape quiet tried to safeguard Harry for his beloved Lily even when she determined to pick James for her partner.

The night Voldemort saw the Potter family, James tried to offer his wife and also son an ext time but forgot to lug his wand v him. Voldemort eliminated him through a quick killing curse.

Lily Potter to be born as Lily Evans come muggle parents. When she uncovered her abilities, Snape to be the one who told her around magic, verified her part tricks, and also became her close friend. As soon as she was sorted into Gryffindor and also became Head Girl, she met James and they started their love story.

The family members was forced to go into hiding ~ a prophecy was made concerning Lord Voldemort and their infant son. She and James to be betrayed by Pettigrew and thus both were murdered through Voldemort on Halloween.

During the war, Lily and also James defied Voldemort on at least three occasions, the very first being when they refused to join his cause when he tried to recruitment them. They denied Voldemort three times i m sorry the prophecy can have referred to (if indeed Harry and not Neville were Voldemort’s undoing).

The Fidelius Charm was put on their residence in Godric’s hole to protect and also hide them. Your Secret-Keeper, Peter, was liked as a less-likely target for the death Eaters 보다 Sirius, yet he betrayed the Potters by telling Voldemort of their whereabouts barely a week later.

Pettigrew was expected to understand the mystery so that Sirius might be provided as a decoy because that information, however, Pettigrew was the wrong person to trust.

Harry was marked with the security of Lily’s love as soon as she made decision to offer up her life willingly as soon as she could have lived. Voldemort’s death Curse rebounded turn off the one-year-old. The rebounded curse damaged the Dark Lord’s body and temporarily defeated him. Harry to be left unscathed, except for a lightning-bolt scar ~ above his forehead. Thus, Harry came to be known as the “Boy that Lived” and also his story began.

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Since also Lord Voldemort was willing come overlook Lily’s muggle-born status and also ask her to sign up with him as a fatality Eater, this showed proof that she to be a truly powerful and achieved witch even at a young age. She was detailed for her specific talent in Potion-making and was able come conjure a corporeal doe Patronus, a mark of the superior magical ability which went quite nicely through her husband’s Patronus as well.

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