Dragonair may likewise be based on the imugi, a proto-dragon that resembles a snake and also lives in water or caves, lot like Dragonair. After one imugi stays a thousands years, a jewel (called a Yeouiju) will autumn from the sky. If the imugi records it, the will become a true dragon.

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The jewels top top Dragonair"s neck and tail might likewise be a referral to Chinese dragons"s associations v pearls.


You can see the snake-like Dragonair has this jewel as part of it"s design on it"s neck. (And might I just say Dragonair and also it"s shiny are beautiful?) Dragonair is also part of the Water 1 Egg group, which more ties right into it"s possible Imugi origins.



Dragonite additionally looks like typical depictions the Dragons, hence the "True Dragon" part.


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that too could be true....anyways both answer are good
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Its due to the fact that of Dragonair"s shed Skin ability. Its like a snake. That sheds its final layer to flourish into Dragonite. The skin underneath is a lighter yellow or orange (or green) color.sourcenote- this answer is copied

Hope i Helped!

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