A basic thing that really obtained me mad as soon as staying in motels in the US.Americans will not price the "Good morning" as soon as addressed at breakfast. That's rather rude! mr Sarkozy is entirely right around this.I wonder why this is? i do not have anything else I've found human being to behave the strange.

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Jul 2nd, 2008, 04:55 PM

Jul 2nd, 2008, 05:04 PM
I say it (in every little thing language happens to be the main tongue the the nation I'm in)... Maybe you're simply meeting the not correct Americans? There are a the majority of us, and as confirmed by ours last couple of presidential elections, we're pretty diverse.

Huh? and I always thought one stated "Good Morning" at lunch! So, might be Nicolas is ~ above the left top top this one?
maybe (just maybe) it was because you to be the very same friendly/cheery self you are when posting here. Simply a guess: v
Nonsense ! I discover American friendlier and open to contact with total strangers ( o.k. , except for a few New Yorkers) than nearly any other nationality.
I agree that alot the Americans deserve to come off together rude sometimes. Yet that's greatly in the big cities prefer Los Angeles/New York. I live in L.A wherein it seems like everyone is suspiciously of everyone. Yet people in the mid-west (I stayed in rural MN because that sometime)or from smaller towns are fully different. They are simply as pretty as deserve to be.
Actually, once entering the united state (NY) indigenous Canada i wa asked around the arab visas in my passport. "Which countries and also why did you walk there?".... Where execute they uncover those immigrant guys.

I am always taken aback as soon as I walk to Germany and also everybody constantly says good morning come everybody in the room as soon as they come into the breakfast room and also then they to speak goodbye to everybody when they leave.While ns think that Americans are greatly friendly, i don't ever before recall walking right into a breakfast room in ~ a hotel and also having everybody say an excellent morning come me. I think world will say great morning if you strategy them or have eye contact, but not just a broad "good morning".
I don't remember ever before not return a greeting in the united state or any type of other country. Course, down here in Texas you might just listen "mornin". We tend to shorten part words.

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One that the 1st things the I had to discover in Germany to be to speak "Mahlzeit" when entering a restaurant. The is no the custom of any place that I have actually lived in America. Likewise, I had to learn to speak Auf Widersehen to anyone on departure. Our daughter to be born in Germany and as a infant learned those custom-mades first. We were visiting Regensburg and also went for lunch at the Ratskellar. Component of the way through our meal, one elderly couple started to leaving without the usual "Auf Widersehen". Our 2 year old referred to as "Bye Bye" come them as they reached the door. The elderly male turned and crossed the room. The took turn off his hat and bowed come our daughter and also said "Bye Bye". That did it through quiet dignity. Our daughter nodded her head and said taking leave again. Regrettably she quickly forgot this pleasant custom as soon as she returned to the states. Regards, Gary