Medically reviewed by Alana Biggers, M.D., MPH — Written by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA on August 3, 2020

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While a belly switch isn’t fairly as distinctive as your fingerprint, there are still lots of kinds out there. The initially distinction is commonly if the belly switch is an innie or outie.

Innie belly butlots are choose a tiny dent in your stomach. Outie belly buttons look favor a small knot is sticking out.

Is your innie or outie belly switch the result of a details reason or chance? Keep reading to uncover out more around how you acquired the belly switch shape you did, and what you have the right to execute if you don’t like it.

Your belly switch is a reminder of the place that when linked you to your mom using the umbilical cord.

When you’re born, the umbilical cord is reduced and you have a tiny item left referred to as the umbilical stump. One to 2 weeks after birth, this stump drops off and also what remains is your belly button.

As a result, your belly switch is essentially a sauto. Whether it’s an innie or outie depends on exactly how your skin grows as it heals.

You can’t blame your doctor or parents for just how your belly switch formed

Let’s acquire a couple of points straight: Your belly button is NOT:

the result of exactly how a medical professional clamped the umbilical cordthe result of just how a medical professional or anyone else reduced the umbilical cord the result of how your parental fees took treatment of the umbilical stump

It doesn’t have anything to perform via your weight or the size of your stomach

The method your belly switch looks is largely by opportunity. It doesn’t have anypoint to carry out with the dimension of your stomach or your weight.

A perboy who is overweight deserve to have a really small belly button, and also a person who is underweight can have actually a larger-sized belly switch. However, a person through weight problems is even more likely to have a funnel-shaped belly switch, which might appear as a deep belly switch that resembles an open mouth.

Some human being may not have a belly button

Here’s an additional fun fact: Some civilization don’t have belly butlots. This is generally because they were born via a condition that influenced the umbilical cord. Instances include bladder exstrophy, gastroschisis, omphalocele, or cloacal exstrophy.

Most of these problems reason the intestines to develop or protrude exterior the abdominal wall, so the umbilical cord doesn’t autumn off and also produce the typical scarring that results in a belly button.

Share on PinterestTright here are many different types of belly buttons. The form of belly switch you have is not because of how your umbilical cord was cut or cared for or how a lot you weigh.
Innie belly buttons are much even more common than outies. But the majority of of the moment, outie development is simply luck of the draw. A few exceptions exist, though. Babies through particular medical problems that impact the belly switch are even more likely to have actually outies.

Certain clinical problems may reason an outie belly button

Umbilical hernia

One instance is an umbilical hernia, wbelow the abdominal muscles roughly the belly switch don’t flourish as they have to. The result creates a weakness in a baby’s abdominal wall, which have the right to reason the intestines to come out through the abdominal wall and push on the belly button.

While the condition isn’t painful to a baby, it deserve to reason complications later on in life, so medical professionals generally surgically repair it.

Umbilical granuloma

Another example is an umbilical granuloma. This is as soon as added tproblem forms around the belly button stump. It puts added press on the belly switch, which deserve to cause it to end up being an outie. Doctors typically treat this with topical applications to remove excess skin.

Adults can get umbilical granulomas too, specifically after belly button piercings.

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There are a few clinical conditions that might affect the belly button’s appearance as an adult. They’re regularly due to underlying conditions that put added press on the belly switch and reason it to switch from an innie to an outie in appearance. These include:

Ascites: fluid that accumulates in the peritoneal cavity, regularly because of a disorder through the kidneys or liverHepatosplenomegaly: an enlargement of the liver and spleen Pregnancy: the enhancing dimension of the uterus deserve to reason the belly switch to pop outward

Normally, when the condition resolves, your belly switch will end up being an innie aobtain.

The appearance of your belly switch doesn’t affect your wellness. But, there are many human being who’ve preferred surgical correction after abdominal surgical procedure or because they didn’t choose their belly button’s appearance.

Doctors speak to surgical procedure to reconstruct or adjust the appearance of a belly button an umbilicoplasty. This procedure deserve to be done as part of various other cosmetic measures, such as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

About the procedure

When surgeons percreate an umbilicoplasty, they have the right to normally do the procedure under regional anesthesia. This suggests they usage numbing medicines approximately the belly button so you can’t feel what they’re doing. They will certainly make numerous little incisions and also sew them together in vital areas to develop a new belly switch.

Since an umbilicoplasty is a reasonably minor procedure, tright here isn’t a lot of downtime for recoincredibly or long-lasting side impacts. Some potential complications incorporate infection or tissue death if blood flow to the skin is impacted. There’s likewise the danger you might not choose the way the incisions heal.