Raccoons perform not make good tenants. They have the right to make a mess of her garbage, reason extensive damage to your home, and also potentially expose your family and also pets to dangerous diseases. If the furry bandits get in your home, you should be fast to call our Skedaddle Milwaukee raccoon removal team. Yet what if the raccoons space taking increase residence in your trees? Is that also possible, and is it as lot of a concern as if they acquired into the house?

Raccoons on her property can pose a health and safety hazard even if they carry out not do it inside. Review on to find out what you should know about raccoons life in trees around your home.

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Do Raccoons Live in Trees?

It depends. Raccoons are very adept climbers and also have plenty of reasons because that climbing trees. They may rest in the branches temporarily and keep a lookout because that prey. However, raccoons perform not do long-term residences in the branches of trees. A hollow in the tree trunk, top top the various other hand, provides a superb ar for a raccoon to make its den. It shelters the raccoon and also its family from incl weather conditions, and additionally provides protection from predators. These pets may occasionally dig dens in ~ the base of trees together well.

How can You call If her Trees have actually Raccoons?

If you take place to notification a raccoon rise a tree on your property, that may be a authorize that it has actually made a den there, specifically if it seems to disappear prior to it get the branches. Through that said, raccoons room mostly active at night, and sighting them throughout the work is rare. Also if you do not check out them, though, raccoons might still leave behind other indications of their presence. Their sharp claws often make scratches on the bark the the tree as they climb. Such marks show that you can have raccoons on your property.


Raccoons perform not dirty their dens through excrement. Rather, lock find different sites to defecate dubbed raccoon latrines. Girlfriend may find these approximately your trees or in various other outdoor areas, such as on your patio or deck. Girlfriend may likewise find them indoors in areas such as garages or attics. Raccoon scat is recognizable through its pungent odor and also dark, tubular appearance.

Why room Raccoons in her Trees a Problem?

Even if the raccoons remain in their dens during the day and do no bother you, having actually them on her property can still cause you problems. Your excrement might contain danger parasites, such as giardia or roundworms. If young children or pets acquire into a raccoon latrine, they have the right to contract the parasites and also become sick. Having raccoons life on your property method that they will not go any further than vital to uncover food. If you placed your garbage cans the end at night, they might open castle up and also make a mess together they forage because that a meal.

If your trees have actually branches that expand over your roof, raccoons can use them as a method to rise onto her house and crawl right into the attic. Once there, they can cause extensive damage, such as accessing a den site by chewing through electric wires. This poses a fire danger that might potentially ruin your home. Additionally, raccoons can reason a great disturbance when you are trying to sleep during their nocturnal activities.

What must You Do about Raccoons on her Property?

You must never shot to eliminate the raccoons by yourself. Lock are notorious for transporting rabies, and it is often difficult to tell a diseased raccoon from a healthy one. Therefore, amateur dealing with of castle poses a severe potential health and wellness risk.

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Not just do our Skedaddle Wildlife technicians in Milwaukee remove the raccoons native the building without harming them, however we likewise clean up any type of areas that contamination and close off any entry clues to your home. Discover out an ext about our raccoon services.

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