There space some television shows that remain renowned long ~ it's taken off air and Dr. Quinn: medicine Women is among them. The display was an American western drama television series that complied with the story of a woman, Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn, who was feather for brand-new adventures together a doctor.

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So, she left she home and also job in Boston and worked out in Colorado Springs, Colo. Trying to find adventures. One character on the present abruptly left and also people were left wanting to know: Why walk Erika Flores leave Dr. Quinn

In the series, Dr. Quinn meets a midwife called Charlotte Cooper who was bitten through a rattlesnake during one that the episodes. She sought the help of Dr. Quinn who wasn't maybe to save her life, yet she did do an also bigger promise to her. When on her deathbed, Charlotte asked Dr. Quinn come look after she children: Matthew, Colleen, and Brian. 

Colleen Cooper to be the embraced daughter that Dr. Quinn who remained in her treatment after the death of her mother. Together with her larger brother and younger brother, Colleen was among the main characters throughout the series. 


Erika Flores play Colleen indigenous 1993 with 1995, once she left her duty midway v Season 3. The character didn't dice off — rather the function was recast v Jessica Bowman. Jessica ongoing to play the function of Colleen through the remainder that the display from 1995 until it went turn off air in 1998. 

The recasting that Colleen was seen as controversial at the time and while all the other cast members had signed five-year contracts at the moment the present was very first being negotiated, Erika was skeptical to perform so and also asked because that a contract with less time in it. 

The present was canceled in its sixth season. 

There were a many rumors the circulated concerning Erika's decision to leaving the display — especially since of the decision to leave midway with a season. One rumor that has been popular — throughout a few message plank — is the Erika left the show because they weren't paying she enough. 

There's also a rumor that circulated that stated Erika's dad "gave her an ultimatum to finish the contract uneven they available her an ext money, or he would cut her turn off financially." However, Erika has constantly denied these together true. 

According come one Facebook web page that's committed as a fan page for Erika, there were a couple of reasons why she made decision to leaving the display on she own.

"It really was a difficult decision to leave, and when ns left I had to do a personal choice to sort of seperate myself indigenous the show," the Facebook short article reads, alleging to be an excerpt indigenous an interview v Erika. "I didn't review anything, i didn't do any kind of interviews, ns didn't desire to do interviews, I simply kind of eliminated myself from the at the time." 

The article continued, "Later, of course, I would hear indigenous friends and also people ns knew what was being said, and also the rumors of: 'she wanted more money, or she dad forced her turn off the show' .. Neighter of those were true."

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Adding, "Leaving the show.. I in reality left the day before my 16 birthday, everyone who has actually a teenager or has actually been one, of food you can't phone call a fifteen or sixteen year old really what to do, or what to think. Leave the show, honest to God, to be my choice. At the time of mine life I had actually a lot of of personal things walk on, I had actually certain personal priorities." 

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