With that rich and diverse background and ongoing European influence, our favourite neighbor up north has actually so much to offer. Canada may not have Flamin’ hot Cheetos and also Trader Joe’s, among other things the Americans room deprived of when in Canada, but they do have a bunch that their own exclusive foods items not available in the US. Return we may love come make fun of Canada a lot, once it pertains to food, Americans space seriously absent out. Here is a perform of twelve foods and also snacks the are accessible in Canada and also should be available in the us too.

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1. Every Dressed Chips

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This heavenly variety was briefly available in the united state on restricted release. A complicated mix of tomato, salt, vinegar, onion, sour cream, barbecue, and much more make this sweet-savory flavor right into what can only be explained as the every little thing bagel of Canada. Once you’re out shopping, watch for Compliments Extra Flavour, President’s selection Loads that Flavour, or Western household as these all seem to it is in Canadian favorites.

2. BeaverTails


Photo by Katrina Cuthbertson

BeaverTails (or Queues de Castor in French due to the fact that Canada) space delicious fried dough pastries hand-stretched come resemble a beaver’s tail the are regularly topped with cinnamon and sugar, Nutella and also banana slices, maple butter, whipped cream, or just about any other kind of sweet toppings you can think of. The Ottawa-based chain also made one ObamaTail in respect of president Obama’s visit come Ottawa in 2009.

3. Butter Tarts


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A Canadian tradition and mouthwatering delight, these tiny pastries are regularly filled v butter, sugar, cream, raisins, and walnuts. Friend can easily make your very own using this recipe.

4. Coffee Crisp

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Coffee crisp is a popular chocolate bar consists of alternate layers the vanilla wafer and also coffee-flavored soft candy, extended with a milk cacao shell. That the coffee love-child of a Kit-Kat and a Butterfinger – the three essentials.

5. Hickory Sticks


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Packed with smoky, hickory barbecue flavor, Hickory Sticks room fried potato pole that’ll make you feel like you’re eat thin, mini French fries. Together if us needed much more reasons come love potatoes…and Canada.

6. Ketchup Chips

Every time i go come Canada, I should stock increase on these and also whenever mine Canadian friends come under to the States, we make a Flamin’ hot Cheetos-Ketchup Chips trade. Lock a little bit of a struggle or miss out on for a the majority of people, however they’re certainly my favorite flavor the potato chips.

7. Kinder Eggs

Unfortunately, these room still illegal in the US because the FDA has had a half on candy with installed toys due to the fact that 1938, and also so those smuggling these poor boys across the border have the right to actually it is in fined approximately $1,200 every egg. Yikes. If you’re ever in Canada though, or in Europe, offer these a creamy treats a try, and also the fun toy is a plus too.

8. Montreal-Style Bagels

Unlike new York bagels, bagels in Montreal are smaller, thinner, sweeter, and also denser, through a larger hole. Castle boiled in honey-sweetened water and also then baked in a wood-fired oven. Also, Montreal bagels have been to space, so take it that new York.

9. Montreal-Style smoked Meat

It’s pretty similar to pastrami, other than it is cured in seasoning with more cracked peppercorns and more savory spices prefer coriander, garlic, and also mustard seeds. It likewise contains substantially less sugar. Just take a look at at the kosher meaty perfection.

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10. Nanaimo Bars

Originating indigenous Nanaimo, british Columbia, this delectable bars consists of class of a graham cracker crust, custard-flavored butter icing, and chocolate. Nanaimo Bars are really important to Canadians. Friend can also get one original cooking recipes from the city that Nanaimo chin on their official website.