Music through Steve Robson and Jeffrey SteeleOriginally carry out by mark Wills"What hurts the Most" is a song written by American songwriter Jeffrey Steele and also English songwriter Steve Robson. Originally recorded by nation music artist mark Wills in 2003 top top his album and the group Goes Wild, the was covered by Bellefire a year later. However, the an initial version to be released together a single was by pop singer Jo O"Meara in 2005, native the album Relentless. Later on that year, nation band Rascal Flatts extended the track as well, releasing it together the first single indigenous the 2006 album Me and My Gang, topping the U.S country and also adult contemporary charts v it. German band Cascada later had international graph success through the song in 2007. It was additionally covered by Eden in 2008.

release Date: 2003

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