A mesmerising piece of indie-folk, ‘I composed a Letter’ watch the Melbourne outfit experimenting the dichotomy that “overwhelm and also hope”.


Melbourne indie-folk team The Redwoods have unveiled the perfect mid-week pick-me-up, sharing your luscious brand-new single “I composed a Letter” front of its official release tomorrow.

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A slow-burning reflection upon the dichotomy the “overwhelm and hope”, “I wrote a Letter” is a warm, soulful item of acoustic-led bliss the sees Joshua Moore’s voice paired through deft percussion as it evokes storage of modern acts such together Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons, to name a few.

With a lifetime spent love music, and also with a fondness for imagination fostered by his musically-inclined father, Moore’s influences are on full display screen as he uses up a heartfelt track born the end of the negative times, however one destined to comfort in the besdrta.netty.

“‘I wrote a Letter’ is a song I composed the job after splitting up v a band ns loved as result of an altercation through the drummer who I additionally love but have had actually a troubled friendship with,” Moore explains of the song’s origin. “The text came with each other in about 10-15 minutes and also are mainly images, memories, and musings from part time we both spent in America, and in details Oregon.

“Though there’s no referral to the book, I regularly think of Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums when i play it. I like to leaving my songs open up to the interpretation of the listener, however the chorus is intended to evoke a feeling of both overwhelm and hope, 2 feelings the for myself I have often found to be support exclusive.”

Meanwhile, the track’s accompanying video clip is just as compelling and powerful as the song it complements, v footage of a live performance from The Redwoods (in an yes, really redwood forest, no less) paired through footage of a young woman looking for answers amidst a growing influx the letters.

“I workshopped the idea becsdrta.netse that the clip v Tomas Busby, the director, one afternoon during lockdown,” Moore explains. “I knew I want the clip to it is in shot at the Redwoods in Warburton and that I want a female bring about play a part, but it to be Tomas who lugged up the idea of letter actually showing up in the video, which made me think that the step from the first Harry Potter book when letters come streaming through the chimney.

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“So, the aim became to gradually overwhelm the screen, the band, the command actor Jessie, and the viewer v letters as the track went on, in something of a surreal horror-esque principle that could leave the sdrta.netdience guessing as to what was what and also who was who. Frequently I uncover that music and also nature can tell their very own stories without us gaining in the way.”

The Redwoods’ “I composed a Letter” is officially exit on Thursday, sdrta.netgust 5th.