In 1988 UB40, a group from Birmingham UK had actually a no. 1 hit with a song called Red, Red Wine, done in a reggae style (they were not the first, check out below). Although UB40 has plenty of original product, their hit-making formula largely consisted of taking excellent songs from means back and doing them in a reggae style. And yes, Red, Red Wine was an excellent song from way ago in 1968. It was created and tape-recorded, initially, by Neil Diamond for his album Just For You.

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Neil Diamond didn’t have a lot of a hit via his original rendition, although it did reach 62 on the Billboard Hot 100. And I have to say, while you hear a song there, it is maybe languid and almost sleepy as if Neil had actually already finiburned a few bottles. Or, possibly it was those strings doing a lullaby in the background. Perhaps that was his intention however it just doesn’t have actually that extra somepoint necessary to hook you and although many kind of human being say they love the Neil Diamond variation today, I need to wonder if they would certainly have actually loved it having not been introduced to it by UB40.

But then again, UB40’s 1988 release was their second attempt at the song. Their initially hit had come in 1985. They spanned Sonny and also Cher’s I Got You Babe which visited no. 28 on the Pop charts. In 1983, on their Labour Of Love album, they released Red, Red Wine and also it did pretty well in the UNITED STATE reaching no. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100. Those in the U.K. liked it a lot even more and also it got to no. 1.

Then, in 1988, they re-released the song in a slightly reworked version which went all the means to the peak of the charts getting to no. 1 in October 1988 and also spending an outstanding 40 weeks on the charts. For this version, they placed a rap line (in reggae a toast), which a lot of world more than likely associate with the song to this day:

Red red wine you make me feel so fine, you store me rocking all of the time…

The jouncy reggae beat carried the song out of its shell, however it might have been the rap line that gave the much-necessary hook.

As for Neil Diamond, Red, Red Wine need to not be thought about his best red wine moment. The song is about a guy who turns to wine to get over a breakup. Many human being erroneously think the very same it true of his various other red wine song, Cracklin’ Rosie.

Neil Diamond didn’t hesitate to offer UB40 a speak to out throughout his live performances, and carry out a reggae variation of Red, Red Wine himself, inserting a rap himself: Red red wine you make me feel so excellent, even if the word aren’t understood…You can listen below!

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UB40 was Not the First Reggae Version of Red, Red Wine

I wonder if Neil would have been so generous if he had actually well-known that UB40 had actually never heard of his original version once they recorded their very own. According to Robin Campbell, singer, and also guitarist, “We had actually no idea Neil Diamond had actually anything to perform via it. The just version we were mindful of was the Tony Tribe version.” Tony Tribe was, that’s best, a Jamaihave the right to singer who had actually recorded the song in 1969, just a year after Neil Diamond. I’ll bet he was aware of the original. Tribe, for himself, had actually a no. 46 hit in the U.K.

UB40’s version, then, was at leastern the third version of Red, Red Wine. There may have actually been others of which I am unaware.

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If you’re thinking “oh, so UB40 just replicated Tony Tribe,” not so a lot. The 2 versions are really fairly various.