This graph summarizes the King David’s household tree, based upon what we recognize from Scripture. I’m constantly looking because that this information and couldn’t uncover it in one place. I made decision to make a chart, combining as much details as I might from my various sources.

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From mine research, skipping name was common practice in genealogies both in the gospels and in secular records of old kings.

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Genealogies frequently jump from grandfather to grandson, since it tho preserves the line of descent. Also, names tended to be repeated (sons called after grandfathers, etc) and names may be spelled in different ways when castle are analyzed from Hebrew into English.

David’s household Tree

Relationship come DavidName(s)Scripture
Great-grandparentsBoaz & RuthRuth 2:1Ruth 4:17-22Matthew 1:5
GrandfatherObedRuth 4:17-22
FatherJessieRuth 4:17-221Samuel 16:11Samuel 17:12
Half/sister*Abigaildaughter the Nahash*2Samuel 17:251Chronicles 2:12-17
NephewAmasason of Abigail2Samuel 17:251Chronicles 2:12-17
Half/sister*Zeruiahdaughter that Nahash*2Samuel 17:251Chronicles 2:12-17
NephewsAsahelAbishaiJoabsons of Zeruiah2 Samuel 2:181Chronicles 2:12-17

*Who is Nahash? Options:

David’s mother can have been married come Nahash before marrying Jessie, and had Abigail and Zeruiah through him, making lock David’s half-sisters.Nahash can be another name because that David’s dad in which situation Abigail and also Zeruiah are full sisters.Nahash could be the name of David’s mother, Jesse’s mam (though Nahash go not appear to be a mrs name).

David’s Wives

David’s Wife:Mother of:
MichalNo children
1 Chronicles 3:1-4Born in Hebron
Ahinoam1 Amnon
Abigail2 Daniel (Chileab)
Maacah3 AbsalomTamar (sister)
Haggith4 Adonijah
Abital5 Shephatiah
Egiah6 Ithream
1 Chronicles 3:5-9Born in Jerusalem
BathshebaShimea (Shammua)ShobabNathanSolomon
UnknownIbharElishama (Elishua)Eliphelet (Elpelet)NogahNephegJaphiaElishamaEliada(Beeliada)Eliphelet

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