I"m Puck—or Robin Goodfellow, together I occasionally like to it is in called. I"m a fairy and also I"m nice mischievous. I constantly love a an excellent practical joke. And also you recognize what ns think?

Helena is here at hand;And the youth, mistook by me,Pleading for a lover"s fee.Shall we their fond pageant see?Lord, what fools these mortals be! (3.2.110-115)

Who stated It and Where

In A Midsummer Night"s Dream, Puck (a.k.a. Robin Goodfellow) is a naughty sprite recognized for the tricks he likes to play on women in the adjacent village. When his master, Oberon, King of the Fairies, and also Titania, Queen of the Fairies, gain into a cook fight, Puck is called in come help.

Oberon tells Puck that he wants to enchant Titania the evening through a magic love "juice" that will make her fall in love v the very first creature she sees. Oberon really hopes that once Titania wakes up, she"ll see a monstrous beast and fall head end heels. The expect is the Titania will be so crazy in love that she"ll forget around her debate with Oberon. Of course there"s a bonus: Titania will certainly be completely humiliated.

And Puck is totally the male for the job. He"s an skilled at tricks, therefore he can certainly make that happen—and climate some. See, once Oberon spots some Athenian lovers suggesting in the woods, he sends Puck to supply the love juice come them together well.

Let"s backtrack a second.

Hermia is in love v Lysander and he loves her back. But her dad desires her to marry Demetrius. Therefore Hermia and Lysander walk to the woods come escape. Helena and Demetrius additionally wander right into the woods. Demetrius tries desperately to get rid of Helena because he is in love with Hermia. The trouble is that Helena won"t leaving him alone since she wants to it is in his one true love. Whew.

Watching all of this, Oberon feels sorry for Helena and also instructs Puck to discover this young male in Athenian clothes and enchant the hell out the him. Tiny does Puck know that over there is more than one young Athenian guy in the woods the night. Uh-oh.

Puck runs into Lysander and also sees the he is a young male dressed in Athenian clothes, therefore he dumps the love juice in his eyes. Whoops. Climate Helena reflects up and accidentally trips over the resting Lysander while follow Demetrius. Lysander wakes up, automatically declares his love because that Helena, and follows her more into the woods.

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Meanwhile, Hermia has actually slept v the love-juice dumping, the tripping and falling, and also the heralding of love. When she wakes up and realizes Lysander is gone, she top off right into the woods trying to find him, clueless that her boyfriend has fallen in love through her friend Helena.

Meanwhile, Oberon comes across Demetrius and also Helena and also dumps part love juice in Demetrius"s eyes. Uh-oh. Problem Alert! he soon figures out the Puck sprinkled the love juice in the not correct Athenian"s eyes. (Remember, Puck placed the potion in Lysander"s eyes instead of Demetrius"s.)

Though the Athenian lovers space suffering, for an observer prefer Puck, the lovers" foolishness is a resource of entertainment.

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In this quote, he describes his confusion around the pair of young lovers. It"s every fun and games to him.