Eddie Money, the husky-voiced, blue collar absent star well-known for together hits together "Two tickets to Paradise" and also "Take Me home Tonight," has passed away at 70


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Eddie Money, who left behind a career as a brand-new York police officer to become one of the top-selling rock stars that the 1970s and also "80s, with hits choose "Two tickets to Paradise" and also "Take Me home Tonight," has died. He was 70.

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Publicist Cindy Ronzoni listed a statement from the family and also said Money passed away Friday morning in Los Angeles. Money had recently announced the he had advanced cancer.

In 1987, the husky-voiced, blue collar performer obtained a ideal rock vocal Grammy nomination for "Take Me home Tonight," i m sorry featured a cameo native Ronnie Spector.

"It is with heavy hearts that we say sdrta.netodbye to our loving husband and father," the statement said. "It"s so tough to imagine our civilization without him, yet he will live on forever through his music."

He announced his cancer diagnosis via a video clip last month indigenous his AXS TV reality series "Real Money." In the video, Money states he discovered he had cancer after what he thought was a regime checkup. He stated the disease had infect his liver and lymph nodes.

Money claimed it hit that "really, really hard."

He had numerous health problems recently, consisting of heart valve surgery previously this year and also pneumonia after ~ the procedure, causing his cancellation of a plan summer tour.

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora tweeted "sdrta.netd Bless Eddie Money," if Debbie Gibson referred to as him a "true legend."

Comedian Kevin James post on his Instagram account a picture of Money once he showed up on his TV series "King of Queens," and wrote, "sdrta.netnna miss out on you, pal. May sdrta.netd grant you peace. Give thanks to you for your remarkable talent and kind heart! You and also your family remain in mine prayers."

The brand-new York City native was born Edward Joseph Mahoney. Money thrived up in a family of police officers and served two years together a new York City police officer prior to he decided he"d rather be a singer, follow to his website.

"I thrived up v respect because that the idea of maintaining law and also order, and also then all of a sudden cops ended up being pigs and also it broke my heart," Money said Rolling stone in 1978.

"Two tickets to Paradise" and "Baby hold On" both reached the optimal 30 in the so late 1970s and also his self-titled debut album went platinum. In the "Take Me house Tonight" cameo, Spector reprised among her signature access time from the 1960s together she crooned "Be my little baby," i beg your pardon she very first sang on the Ronettes" "Be mine Baby." Money remembered calling Spector, tho traumatized from she years through ex-husband-producer Phil Spector, and convincing she to sing on his record.

"I said, "Ronnie, ns sdrta.nett this song that"s important amazing and it"s a tribute to you. It would be so good if you come out and did it through me,"" that told hippopress.com in 2015. "When she sdrta.nett there, she didn"t even remember it; she had a psychological block versus (Phil) Spector. But then she came out and did the song."

Money"s other hits included "Maybe I"m a Fool," ""Walk ~ above Water" and "Think I"m in Love." he had couple of successes after the 1980s, yet he ongoing to tour and also record, and for decades would open up the summer concert season at DTE energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan. Meanwhile, "Two tickets to Paradise" came to be a favourite on standard rock radio stations and was heard anywhere from "The Simpsons" to "The Office." The song was additionally featured in a Geico commercial, with Money himself showing up in the ad as the hammy owner that a take trip agency.

For years, he live too much like a rock star. In 1980, he continual nerve damages in his foot after overdosing on alcohol and also barbiturates, a near-tragedy he wrote around on his hit 1982 album "No Control." He continued to struggle with alcohol addiction before joining a 12-step regimen in 2001. "I came to the currently that ns didn"t really require (alcohol) because that my fast wit," he told CNN in 2003.

Money did regulate the rarely rock accomplishment of a long-term marriage, an ext than 30 years to Laurie Harris, who would say that at very first she perplexed him through John Mellencamp. The Moneys had 5 children, Zachary, Jessica, Joseph, Desmond, and also Julian.

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A born troublemaker, he was thrown out of one high college for forging his report card. He later on moved to Berkeley, California, adjusted his surname to "Money" and also had sufficient success in the bay Area clubs, even performing for a time through Janis Joplin"s previous backing group, to lure the fist of well known rock promoter bill Graham. Money to be signed by Columbia Records and also by the finish of the te was a huge enough plot to open for the rojo Stones, although the project didn"t last as lengthy as expected.

"I had a hit v "Two Tickets" and everybody love me; i was obtaining too countless encores," Money called hippopress.com. "We were claimed to have six dates (with the Stones), and also we only operated four. The way I watch it is this — if you"re sdrta.netnna gain fired native a roll Stones tour, get fired for being as well sdrta.netod."

A representative for AXS TV claimed the last five illustration of his series will waiting on Thursdays. The channel will also air a tribute to Money top top Sunday, consisting of a concert and an interview through Dan fairly on his present "The huge Interview."