who Really Sings Two and A half Men's Theme tune (Not The Cast) when the actors may have actually "sung" the Two and also A half Men design template in the show"s opening, however here"s that actually performed the song.

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that is yes, really singing Two and also A fifty percent Men"s annoyingly catchy theme song? Two and also A half Men is a sitcom the debuted in 2003 and originally focused on the broke Alan (Jon Cryer) moving into his brother Charlie"s (Charlie Sheen) Malibu beach house after the divorces his wife. The half man of the title refers to Alan"s adorably dimwitted child Jake (Angus T. Jones), and also the series revolved roughly Charlie"s way of life of casual sex and drinking contrasting with Alan"s perpetual loser status.

Like most Chuck Lorre produced sitcoms such together The large Bang Theory, Two and A fifty percent Men seldom received warmth reviews, yet it was a ratings juggernaut. The was one of the most renowned sitcoms top top TV, yet it ended up being just as famed for that behind the scenes issues. Charlie Sheen abruptly exited complying with season 8 and was timeless fired through CBS for this behavior and feud with Lorre. If Hugh approve briefly thought about taking over together a new character, Ashton Kutcher was rather drafted together lovelorn billionaire Walden Schmidt. Jones would also undergo a religious conversation in later seasons that not only saw him leave the collection but guilty of its content as filth.

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That said, the actor reverted for a cameo in Two and A half Men"s series finale. Charlie"s personality on the display wrote commercial jingles, so it renders sense the design template for Two And fifty percent Men itself is fairly catchy. Annoyingly so, together it just is composed of the indigenous "men" and "manly" over and over again. Lorre himself co-wrote this theme with Lee Aronsohn, and also the opened credits function the cast "singing" the song straight to the camera. Needless come say, that"s no them singing.

Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer and Angus T Jones in Two and a half Men
The Two and A half Men design template is sung through studio musicians, if prolific voice actress Elizabeth daily (The Powerpuff Girls) stood in because that "Jake"s" voice. The intro was likewise famous for transforming every season together it charted the ever-changing looks of Jake together Jones prospered up ~ above the series. Kutcher was included to the opening credits layout from season 9 onwards.

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Two and also A half Men eventually ran because that twelve seasons and also came to an finish in 2015, i beg your pardon featured cameos indigenous Christian Slater and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jon Cryer has due to the fact that won brand-new fans for play Lex Luthor in the Arrowverse - i beg your pardon is a quite callback to his duty as Lenny Luthor in Superman IV: The pursuit For Peace - however there don"t seem come be any plans because that a Two and also A half Men revival. When Sheen has showed up open come a reboot in current years, the uneasy relationship between him and also Lorre would most likely prove a major barrier to one moving ahead.