10 things You didn’t Know about The Two and A fifty percent Men Theme track & Intro chuck Lorre"s Two and a fifty percent Men has actually been off the air because that a few years, but here room ten lesser-known details about the sitcom"s theme song.

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we all know the well known theme tune from the struggle sitcom, Two and also a fifty percent Men. After twelve periods of listening to this catchy jingle, we assumed we"d throw it back and do a list around all the points you probably didn"t know about this renowned tune.

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While the lyrics continued to be the same, we"ve definitely seen a little bit of readjust in regards to the gibbs standing in prior of the iconic red curtain and also donning those black suits. For this reason without additional ado, below are 10 things that might surprise you around this manly theme.

Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and also Angus T. Jones weren"t the angelic voices behind this design template song. Contrary to well-known belief, and to explode everyone"s bubbles, this famous trio is certainly lip-syncing this straightforward tune.

They"re actors, not singers, so we can"t precisely blame them. However, the yes, really singers walk a pretty superior job that making the sound prefer the actual actors, therefore we"re not completely mad around it.

9 The Flyover shooting of the residence in Every Intro is in reality in Malibu

after ~ we obtain to hear the catchy tune, many episodes the this sitcom start with a camera shoot of Charlie"s (and Walden"s) Malibu residence on the beach. In fact, this shoot is actually in Malibu, close to Malibu Lagoon. Whereas many of her favorite shows don"t in reality film in the location of the show, we have the right to thank Two and also a fifty percent Men because that its accuracy that this gorgeous house"s location.

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However, if you"re looking to visit the house, the actual set is in the Warner Bros. Studio, and also not actually in this Malibu home featured in the flyover.

First, we had Jon Cryer (Alan) and Charlie Sheen (Charlie) ~ above the sides with Angus T. Jones (Jake) in the middle, who at some point morphed as the actor prospered older. Then in season 2, there was this weird readjust from the red curtain to a blue sky backdrop, wherein the three males wore peak hats if clouds moved in the lift (this just lasted for a season).

Then, once Ashton Kutcher join the show, Angus T. Jones was moved to the side with Jon Cryer, and also Ashton (Walden) take it the middle. Apparently, due to the fact that he"s the new half-man? However, after Jake join the army, Ashton was moved to the side, v Jake returning to his center spot donning his armed forces uniform.

7 This 30 second Intro Has precise 2 Lyrics

In this 30 2nd introduction, there are literally just two words that are sung. You most likely guessed them, it"s "manly" and also "men". Shocking, right? That seems pretty basic, however honestly, 30 secs is a pretty lengthy time to listen to two words being repeated over and over, and yet we all love it just the same.

It"s tho catchy, after all, yet maybe that"s due to the fact that it"s pretty simple to learn the lyrics.

For some reason, civilization apparently uncover it interesting to parody a 30-second intro track with two various lyrics? We"re not precisely sure why, but lots of people did surprisingly well recreating the red curtain and black suits. The most renowned is most likely by Bart Baker, who is a renowned YouTube star, parody artist, net comedian, and singer.

He has over 10 million subscribers, i beg your pardon isn"t something come ignore. In this parody, Bart plays Ashton Kutcher and even dons his renowned hair cut and "pedo" beard. He even captioned the video "Tweet to Ashton if friend dare." perform we dare?

5 Elizabeth everyday Was among the Theme"s really Singers

Elizabeth (E.G.) everyday is a famous actress, comedian, and also voice actor. While she name might not jump the end at you, you might know her far better as "Buttercup" from The Powerpuff Girls, or maybe "Tommy Pickles" native Rugrats.

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This actress has 211 movie credits (that is A LOT), most of which are for voice exhilaration gigs. Clearly, she isn"t new to the game, and she go a quite stellar task singing this fight show"s layout song.

There to be a TON of short articles by your favorite virtual websites dishing about Angus T. Jones (Jake Harper) being cut from the collection after Season 8 once Charlie Sheen to be replaced. After Ashton Kutcher was announced to end up being the brand-new leading man, there was pretty "certain" talk that the brand-new intro would certainly only function Ashton and Jon, and also maybe also incorporate the rumored new character, Jenny (Charlie"s daughter).

However, this was all simply talk, together Angus T. Jones was simply moved come the next alongside Jon Cryer, but was still over there in every intro.

3 approve Geissman Plays every one of the Piano

grant Geissman is the composer for the show, including the show"s template song. However, it could be interesting to recognize that Charlie Sheen doesn"t play any type of of the music throughout the entirety of the show. When Geissman dram the intro, the is also the one play every time Charlie "plays" the piano.

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In fact, approve Geissman, with help from Dennis C. Brown, likewise wrote all of the jingles that Charlie Harper create throughout the show.

This show was produced and also created by lining Lorre, who was also one of the three males behind the "Manly Men" design template song. Lining Lorre is also known for composing the music for Teenage Mutant turtle (which is nodded come by Charlie"s jingle for "Oshikuru the Demon Samurai", which has the same tune), but Lorre was additionally the show"s writer for The big Bang Theory, Mom, and Mike & Molly.

The other creator, who additionally composed the theme, to be Lee Aronsohn, and also he was likewise a writer because that The big Bang Theory after functioning on Two and a fifty percent Men.

1 You can Download the 23 2nd Song ~ above Spotify

Again, we"re not exactly sure why friend would want to execute this, yet you certain can! The music composed by lining Lorre and Lee Aronsohn have the right to be uncovered on Spotify, through there gift a entirety 23 seconds of this manly template song.

So once you"re missing this hit sitcom, you deserve to head on over to this streaming site and also put it on repeat for like, ever.

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