Q: I have a bet via a friend concerning Steve Winlumber. How old was he as soon as he recorded “Gimme Some Lovin’”? I say he was 15, but my friend claims he was a lot older.

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A: Steve Winlumber was born in May 1948. At the age of 11, along with his brvarious other Muff, he formed the initially of many bands in which he would certainly percreate.

He and also his brvarious other were joined by Spencer Davis in 1963, and also for this reason the Spencer Davis Group was born. Their initially significant hit came in December 1965 when “Keep On Running” got to No. 1 on the British charts. It was complied with three months later on by “Somebody Assistance Me,” an additional No. 1 hit.

By the time “Gimme Some Lovin’” was released in October 1966, Wintimber was 18 years old. The song became the group’s biggest Amerihave the right to hit, and also it carried Steve Winhardwood to the attention of the American public.

Q: Sometime roughly the mid- to late ’60s, at the elevation of the Vietnam War, someone publiburned a song titled something prefer “An Old Man Walked in Echo Park.” It was around a male who moved from one park bench to one more, commiserating the loss of his kid that was killed in the battle. I would certainly love to understand the name of the song and that wrote/sang it.

A: The song is “Echo Park,” written by Buzz Clifford and sung by Keith Barbour. It is the title song on Barbour’s 1969 solo album.

Echo Park is situated simply north of downtown Los Angeles and about a mile west of Dodger Stadium. In 1961, Clifford scored a Top Ten hit via the million-seller, “Baby Sittin’ Boogie,” which featured a real baby making cute “goo-goo” noises at the end of each refrain.

Eager to cash in on the success of “Baby Sittin’ Boogie,” Clifford’s record agency tried unefficiently to rotate him into a teenager heartthrob. When the novelty wore off, Clifford joined the National Guard. When he was released, he moved to Los Angeles and wrote songs for such artists as Petula Clark, Lou Rawls and also Kris Kristofferson. He was likewise part of the band Carp, which included actor Gary Busey.

In 1969, he penned “Echo Park” for Barbour, a member of the New Christy Minstrels. The song peaked at No. 40 on the Pop Singles chart.

Q: I newly heard “Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel and have actually constantly wondered around the definition of Solsbury Hill to the song. Can you tell me?

A: “Solsbury Hill” is the second song on Gabriel’s initially (of three) eponymously titled solo album complying with his exit from Genesis, the steady rock band also he co-established while in institution. It was also his first solo single.

Solsbury Hill itself is a 625-foot high, flat-topped hill in Somerset, England, that overlooks the tvery own of Bath in southwest England. Reportedly, Gabriel composed the song after climbing the hill and absorbing the sweeping panorama it provides.

By brilliantly and also succinctly explaining why he left Genesis (“which connection I must cut”), the song is ultimately a testament about finding one’s courage to take the danger of probably offering up whatever in order to accomplish something better.

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Gabriel has actually been quoted saying the song is about letting go. It has actually been reported that the eagle represented Bruce Springsteenager. Gabriel was shelp to have checked out Springsteenager in concert around this time and also was impressed through the Boss’ power. So much so that it inspired Gabriel to leave Genesis. While this could be true, we have the right to discover no evidence that Gabriel has actually actually confirmed this story.

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