Flo Rida’s 2007 fight “Low” was the rapper’s very first single. It to be co-written through T-Pain, fight number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and also was featured in the movie Step up 2: The Streets. Suggest being, we’ve most likely all heard the a couple of million times.

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But take it one much more listen.

In the song, the “shawty” appears to be wearing 2 pairs the shoes and two pairs of pants. First, she’s wearing “apple-bottom jeans” and “boots through the fur,” then she’s in “baggy sweatpants” and also “Reeboks through the straps.”

This leader to just one possible conclusion: She’s a centaur.

The girl Flo Rida sings around in Low to be wearing apologize bottom jeans, boots through the fur, baggy sweatpants, and reeboks through the straps all at the same time so we must conclude the she was, in fact, a centaur. In this essay ns will

— Splenda Pappy (
caroline_oreo) march 26, 2018

To it is in fair,
caroline_oreo wasn’t the an initial one to allude this out. A user called
forclosers stated the mrs in the song was put on either double pants and also shoes—or she had four legs.

caroline_oreo was the very first one that proposed the centaur concept that neatly explained everything. At first glance, it seems undeniable. World even began making pan art, of both the cute variety…

…and the more risqué.














Of course, this is Twitter, so alternating theories began being thrown around.

Huh… I’ve always thought of this as 2 performers taking turns as the story’s narrator and not as two separate characters talking about the exact same girl.

— society Justice Oreo (
_grim_piece) march 27, 2018

Is it possible that grandfather Rida simply referred to she footwear in basic terms at first as the 'boots through the fur' climate again especially by brand and also styling? Not certain a Centaur has the opposable grip to 'work the pole'

— Paul Senter (
PADSenter) march 26, 2018

And naturally, the totality how dogs/horses/centaurs stay pants debate got drug up.

These are the only options. Pic.twitter.com/zUQAmX3aOO

— Robert Aln Wendeborn (
rawbbie) in march 27, 2018

Luckily, T-Pain himself jumped in prior to things acquired too the end of control. He shown that, yes, the two-narrator concept was correct.

The first girl is dressed how Flo Rida likes. 2nd girls is dressed just how I like. Flo likes a classy lady. I prefer a lazy bitch.

— T-Pain (
TPAIN) in march 27, 2018

You would think that would certainly be the end of the debate, but people were not around to allow Mr. Pain off so easily.

I think that distinction is unsure in the song. Possibly you should have actually said, “a 2nd shawty had actually baggy sweatpants…” otherwise, it’s a kerfuffle. The third one in a row worrying your lyrics. Tighten up sir!

— Ayoka (
ayokayejide) march 27, 2018

Why go TPain hate Centaurs.

— The Bubba Sparxx the Discourse (
Chef_Lu_Bu) march 28, 2018

Some work you simply can’t win.

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*First Published: Mar 29, 2018, 8:56 pm CDT
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