The Wonder Years is yet one more show that has actually been reimagined and retooled because that a new generation. However, this TV present has the same feel and also tone together the original. Choose the 1988 series, this display will examine the life of a 12-year-old boy living in the tumultuous 1960s. It to be a duration that would reshape the world, and also this nation forever.

Fans that The Wonder Years recognize how an essential the theme tune was to the narrative and the series overall. Yet who sings the theme tune in the reboot series?

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Amari ONeil as Cory Long, Milan Ray together Keisa Clemmons, Elisha Williams as Dean Williams, Saycon Sengbloh as Lillian Williams, Dulé Hill together Bill Williams, Laura Kariuki as Kim Williams, and also Julian Lerner as Brad Harper in ‘The Wonder Years’| Matt Sayles/ABC via Getty Images

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What is ‘The Wonder Years’ reboot about?

Though the initial version of The Wonder Years focused on Kevin Arnold and also his suburban family, this present is a little different. The Wonder years reboot is collection in 1968 in Montgomery, Alabama, which had actually been the hub for the civil Rights motion amid the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott. This time, 12-year-old Dean Williams (Elisha “EJ” Williams) and also his middle-class Black family will it is in in focus.

Dean’s father Bill (Dulé Hill) is a music professor wary that integration. There’s his loving mother, Lillian (Saycon Sengbloh), and his enlarge sister, Kim (Laura Kariuki) who is an ext focused on being a Black strength activist 보다 college. Dean’s older brother Bruce is overseas fighting in the Vietnam War.

The series opens just two year after the Alabama State Assembly prohibition segregation, so fans will see just how Dean navigates his tween and teen years as well as race and racism. The series also opens up on a day the will change the background of this country forever.

An iconic tune to repeat you around #TheWonderYears clock the series premiere September 22 top top ABC.

— The Wonder year (

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Who sings the theme song in ‘The Wonder Years’ reboot?

Even if you’ve never seen an illustration of the initial The Wonder years you will certainly recognize the template song. The iconic song was Joe Crocker singing a cover of The Beatles’ song, “With A little Help From my Friends.”. In the reboot of the series, the song remains the same, but this time, it has a little of soul infused right into it.

Actor, singer, and Broadway star, Rogelio Douglas Jr. Sings “With A small Help From my Friends” together The Wonder Years reboot layout song and also it’s certain magnetic. Douglas takes every little thing we know and love about the song yet makes it particular to Dean’s experience.

What channel is ‘The Wonder Years’ reboot on?

The Wonder years reboot will air on abc at 8:30 p.m. EST top top Wednesdays. Despite the collection is a reimagining that the initial show, it also has some major ties come the very first one. Not just does the very same theme song stand in ~ the center, Fred Savage, who depicted Kevin Arnold in the original present is likewise an executive producer.

Savage additionally directed the pilot episode. “We’re keeping a similar tone indigenous the original, a mix of comedy and also truth through a narrator looking back on youth through the wisdom the age,” Savage said the Boston Herald. “But there are things that are very unique around this show.”

We will see exactly how Dean and the Williams family navigate the blatant 1960s v season 1 of The Wonder Years.