from Jeff Hardy come JoJo, here are the ten youngest wrestlers the ever completed in WWE history (& their periods at the time), so far.

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as result of its continuous need to cart out aging legends in ~ the price of younger, hungrier talent, it frequently feels choose WWE is more like a retirement community for agree wrestlers than any type of sort of market leader. The said, the company has advocated loads of younger talent, few of whom have gone on to become large stars in wrestling.

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together a result, there have been part surprisingly young wrestlers in WWE history, numerous of whom got their begin with the firm as literal meaning teenagers! So here are ten the the youngest civilization to ever contend in a WWE match.

Otherwise well-known as Syxx in WCW and also X-Pac in WWE, Sean Waltman invested his early on years together The Lightning Kid, contending on the indies and the peak of the supervisor Juniors tournament with brand-new Japan. Prior to he outgrew the name, that wrestle because that WWE under variations, an initial debuting at two decades old together The Kamikaze Kid, followed by Cannonball Kid, and just The Kid. It to be only as soon as the underdog landing a surprise success over Razor Ramon did he knife his an ext famous moniker, The 1-2-3 Kid.

despite 1-2-3 Kid’s surprise underdog status, there hasn’t to be a debut quite choose Tyler Bate, who wrestled his first match for WWE in their united kingdom Title tournament in 2017, at the period of 19. For being so young, Bate showed to be among the most talented performers in the UK wrestling scene, and ended up winning the tournament to crown the first WWE uk Champion, earning Tyler Bate the distinction of likewise being one of the youngest champions in WWE background -- but not the youngest.

JoJo Offerman seemed to have no prior agree wrestling experience once she was cast on the WWE fact show full Divas, yet that go not prevent the firm from training JoJo and debuting her on a six-woman tag complement on life in 2013, at 19 years old.

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JoJo’s in-ring career would certainly be short-lived, however, together she would have a complete of six matches throughout she career prior to transitioning to the function of WWE’s ring announcer in 2013.

Paige to be NXT’s an initial Women’s Champion and the youngest Divas Champion ever before at age 21, however her career through the firm actually goes ago a couple years prior to that. Paige actually made she debut under her actual name that Saraya in ~ the period of 19 in January that 2012 at a house present for Florida Championship Wrestling, which was WWE’s developmental promotion prior to NXT. Virtually two month after her first match, she’d debut ~ above FCW television under the name Paige.

Kelly Kelly was working as a version for Hawiian Tropic and also Venus Swimwear before WWE scouted her, debuting she on ECW in 2006. She to be Mike Knox’s onscreen girlfriend, that the overprotective and also jealous wrestler forced to become a valet for this reason Knox might keep tabs on her. This soon caused her in-ring debut at age 19, taking part in a tag match with Knox and also Test against The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Torrie Wilson.

Rene Dupree is actually among the youngest signees in WWE history, involvement the company at age 18. However, his an initial match under the WWE banner -- as in, no for the affiliated Ohio sink Wrestling -- to be a dark match versus Chris Kanyon on Velocity, once he was just 19. It wasn’t long before he’d debut ~ above the key roster as La Resistance with Sylvan Grenier and take the civilization Tag Team title from Kane and also Rob van Dam soon after his debut, establishing Dupree as among the youngest champion in WWE history.

Dupree no the first wrestler to debut because that WWE at 19 year old. The honor actually goes come Matt Hardy, whose first WWE complement was on a Monday Night raw in 1994, acquisition on, nice surprisingly, Nikolai Volkoff.

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often working under the name Matt Hardy, that was provided as a jobber in singles matches because that a few years prior to he would actually start consistently tagging with his brother Jeff, and The hardy Boyz as fans recognize them would certainly be born.

ideal known because that being in the male cheerleader secure The heart Squad, Kenny Dykstra actually made his WWE debut a few years before that group. His ring name was “Kenn Phoenix” and, alongside his brothers Mike, took on Rodney Mack as part of Mack’s White young Challenge. Kenny was just 17 years-old at the time, and took component in a few other tryouts and also squash matches prior to being offered a contract with WWE and training in OVW.

Jeff Hardy actually debuted ~ above the same episode of Monday Night Raw as his brothers Matt, except Jeff -- wrestling together “Keith Davis” -- take it on Razor Ramon and ended increase lasting longer than Matt did v Nikolai Volkoff that night. From there, Jeff Hardy had a comparable experience, wrestling miscellaneous jobber squashes and working his way up the map alongside his brother. Those extra shocking is the Jeff, gift a couple of years younger 보다 Matt, was actually just 16 years-old when he debuted.

one of the most ridiculous moment in WrestleMania history has come be the time at WrestleMania 34 when Braun Strowman picked a kid out of the crowd to stand on the ring apron while he squashed Cesaro and also Sheamus single-handedly, win the life Tag Team titles. That child was a 10-year-old called Nicholas, one audience plant who was, in reality, the boy of one of the referees. Nicholas, despite not actually taking part in the match, ended up being champ alongside Strowman, making the the actual youngest champion in WWE history. The pair vacated the titles the following night on Raw.

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Sasha banks Ended A Two and also A half Year Streak on SmackDown and also No One Noticed Becky Lynch had actually gone two and also a half years without gift pinned in singles vain until shedding to Sasha banks on SmackDown.

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