Martina McBride doesn’t have to question the unbreakable shortcut she shares through her husband of more than three decades, John McBride. The sound engineer, on the other hand, knows he’s the luckiest guy on planet to have actually the iconic nation singer as his spouse.

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“It takes work. It’s no all just a walk in the park. we have actually a great relationship,” man gushed come The Boot in might 2020. “She’s my best friend. She my companion … i encourage all my friends to find a farm yard girl/rock star from Kansas and also marry her.”


Martina and also John have actually been going solid since the 1980s. The couple first met in 1987 once the “Independence Day” songstress was struggling to get her career turn off the ground. According to Martina, they crossed paths as soon as she rented out a practice space from John, who was functioning in sound engineering.

“Here ns was, crying on his shoulder about my band no coming together, and I thought, ‘I’m in love through this guy. This is crazy,"” Martina told People in 1998. After creating a connection, the ACM compensation winner and John started dating, and also after one year together, they tied the knot on may 15, 1988.


Though their wedding was much more than 30 year ago, Martina deserve to still recall the job perfectly. “There space so countless . Going to breakfast through my mom and sister. Walking under the aisle v my dad. The kiss,” she gushed to the outlet in 2012. “Walking earlier down the aisle as the brand-new Mrs. McBride!”

Following their nuptials, Martina and John relocated from Kansas to Nashville in really hopes to pave much better careers in showbiz. Together the “Concrete Angel” songstress started climbing in the ranks, she juggled her role as a wife and up-and-coming artist. In December 1994, Martina added “mom” to her resumé once she gave birth come their first child together, Delaney.


Four years after starting their family, the “I’m Gonna Love You v It” performer and also John invited their second child, Emma, in 1998. The lovebirds later on welcomed your youngest daughter, Ava, less than a decade later in 2005.

Balancing careers and also parenthood while preserving a solid marriage no easy, however Martina and also John have pulled it off over the last 3 decades. When asked the an enig to your relationship during an illustration on Today in 2009, the “A broken Wing” singer credited “dedication, commitment and also respect for each other.” Martina added, “a sense of feeling is an extremely important.”

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John is a Sound Engineer

While Martina is the voice behind her hit songs, John works as a sound engineer. Most notably, he’s the founder of Blackbird Studios, “Nashville’s preeminent sound studio,” i m sorry he started with his mam in 2002. Follow to the website, john is the studio owner who “has a passion for good audio like no other.”

“Truly a dream come true because that John, Blackbird is a haven wherein artists of every genres can find refuge, inspiration and a committed space stocked with the finest gear in the world,” the website reads. “John’s career has actually spanned over two decades from mix live sound front of house, come production managing for Garth Brooks, to design Martina McBride’s last 3 studio albums.”


Martina Credits john for acquiring Her Career off the Ground

Martina was working to come to be a country music star at the moment she met John, and if the two never met, Martina doesn’t know where she would certainly be today. While chatting v People in 1998, Martina revealed her huge break came in 1992 after her hubby gave her demo come an RCA records executive. “I to be like, ‘Are you sure? nothing be jerkin’ me around,"” she recalled.

John is a Doting Dad

Thanks to your marriage, John came to be the loving dad of the couple’s 3 girls, Delaney, Emma and Ava. Martina is constantly sharing the cutest pics of she beau and their youngsters on society media, consisting of a sweet snap she posted with her family in April 2020.

The “My baby Loves Me” crooner previously uploaded a photograph of john enjoying dinner at residence with his kids. “Delaney and also Emma are house for a visit and it’s great to have actually everyone under one roof again!” Martina composed in the caption.

John and also Martina Love going on date Nights

In enhancement to posting cute pics on Instagram of their family, it’s not unusual for Martina to give a glimpse inside one of their day nights. While celebrating Valentine’s work in February 2021, she posted a picture of her and John cheersing. “You’re all ns need. My love. My Valentine,” she penned.

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