The Gooding household is quite a phenomenal surname in the entertain industry. This is because the family members is primarily filled v entertainers who have actually made your marks. Indigenous Cuba Gooding Sr. To Cuba Gooding Jr., the family members has ongoing to create a many attention since of their art. An additional member of the family members who no talked around enough is Tommy Gooding, who maybe we think prefers to live a peaceful and private life. While he is one entertainer, the isn’t viewed that regularly in award reflects or entertainment shows. If the made that to this shows, he’d favor to remain away indigenous the paparazzi. 

Quick Facts about Tommy Gooding

Name: cutting board GoodingBirthday: June 3, 1980Birthplace: Bronx, brand-new York CityEthnicity: African-AmericanNationality: AmericanHeight: 5 feet 8 inchesWeight: 76kgEye Color: black color EyesHair Color: black Hair.Marital Status: MarriedFather: Cuba Gooding SrMother: Shirley GoodingZodiac sign: Gemini

In this article, we will be assessing the tiny known facts about Tommy Gooding. Every little thing that pertains to him and also is shielded indigenous light would be brought to the fore. Obtaining his pictures almost everywhere the web is rather difficult, a testimony that the young man would love to stay private. 

Who is Tommy Gooding?

Tommy Gooding was born as thomas Gooding on June 3, 1980, in new York City, United states of America. That is no clear what year he was born. But according come media outlets the is in his forties. Tommy is just one of the 4 children in between Cuba Gooding Sr. And Shirley Gooding. The other kids include Cuba Gooding Jr., Omar Gooding and also April Gooding. There isn’t much around the education of Tommy Gooding only that he studied Music power at five Towns College, whereby he honed his skills in music.

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Tommy thrived up in Bronx, brand-new York, wherein he and also his siblings flourished up together. While his siblings determined the route of acting, he adhered to his music enthusiasm by becoming a bassist. As a bassist , he has actually been invite to play for a couple of bands. 

We will discover facts around Tommy Gooding together we try to recognize who he really is. 

#1. Tommy Gooding has actually Three Siblings

So, Tommy chose to follow his music career, but his various other siblings are huge stars in Hollywood. He has two brothers; Cuba Gooding Jr., an award-winning gibbs renowned for his functions in Boyz n The Hood, men of Honor, Jerry Maguire, and many more movies which have actually scooped increase awards. Cuba Gooding Jr. To be born ~ above January 2, 1968. His 2nd brother, Omar Gooding to be born October 9, 1976. Omar is additionally a renowned actor v appearances in clever Guy, Hangin’ v Mr Cooper. As well as acting, the women’s guy likewise does rap. He has actually a stage name the is famous with laboratory enthusiasts, big O. Tommy Gooding likewise has a sister, April Gooding that is also an actress. She has appeared in inappropriate Comedy collection and additionally Night into Day. She is an achieved actress through years of endure under her belt. 

#2. Tommy Gooding’s Father, Cuba Gooding Sr. To be a Legend.

Tommy’s father Cuba Gooding Sr. Was an American singer. He to be the most successful lead singer of the soul team The key Ingredient. Cuba is extensively referenced as the vocalist who had actually the band’s songs score five top 10 No.2 for three consecutive weeks. He to be inducted right into The go of Fame for his musical ingenuity. The is safe to speak Cuba Gooding Sr. Was among the greatest R&B singers the his generation.

#3. He was The musical Director of His Father’s Band

With a crawl eye and passion because that music, Cuba Gooding Sr. Was fast to recognize that trait in his sin and also drafted him right into the band, allowing him to straight the music. 

#4. Is Tommy Gooding Married?

Tommy is at this time married to the love the his life, Seydurah Avecmoi. Before their marriage, the couple dated because that years prior to getting involved in 2018. They would certainly wait a year later to tie the node on November 11, 2019. They have been married ever due to the fact that then and are happy about their marriage. 

#5. Tommy Gooding is a Freelancer

These days plenty of musicians do not want to it is in tied up at a specific point, thus they market their solutions to bands that need them. Take, for instance, Tommy Gooding has functioned with several bands including GQ, JJ Sansavarino, circular Time amongst many others. That is a music professional and also so he likewise composes music. 

Tommy Gooding’s brother and also father picture source#6. Tommy Gooding plot Also! 

Just when you think among the Goodings has chose to be different! So, when music is his major profession, Tommy Gooding has towed the course of his siblings in acting. Tommy Gooding has a comedy present running, named Sketch TV Time, Okay? He additionally has featured in reflects like everything It Takes: once Blood runs Cold.

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#7. Tommy Gooding is energetic on society Media

Like his siblings, Tommy is quite active on social media platforms. Part celebrities like to stay off this platforms however not Tommy Gooding together he is very active top top Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok where he periodically drops comments and views. 

#8. Tommy Doesn’t have a boy Yet

Tommy and his mam haven’t had a boy yet. The factor is finest known to them. While it shows up that Tommy Gooding loves having children approximately him together is evident in Instagram posts where his nephews and nieces appear with him, it just seems Gooding isn’t ready to have one that his own.