The most significant characteristic the Cassius is his ability to awareness the true engine of men. Caesar claims of him, "He reads much; / the is a great observer and also he watch / quite through the deeds that men." The good irony neighboring Cassius throughout the play is that he nullifies his greatest asset once he allows Brutus to take effective manage of the republican faction.

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Cassius believes the the nobility of Rome space responsible because that the government of Rome. They have permitted a man to gain extreme power; therefore, they have actually the obligation to protect against him, and with a male of Caesar"s popular ambition, that deserve to only mean assassination.

Cassius intensely dislikes Caesar personally, yet he additionally deeply resents being subservient come a tyrant, and there room indications the he would fight because that his an individual freedom under any type of tyrant. That does not resent adhering to the virtually dictatorial pronouncements of his equal, Brutus, although he does i dont agree heatedly with many of Brutus" tactical decisions. To attain his score of removing Caesar indigenous power, he resorts to making use of his keen insight into human being nature to cheat Brutus by way of a long and passionate argument, coupled v bogus notes. In the conversation, the appeals come Brutus" feeling of honor, nobility, and also pride much more than he gift concrete instances of Caesar"s tyrannical actions. Later, that is much more outrightly devious in the use of forged notes, the critical of i m sorry prompts Brutus to leave off contemplation and to sign up with the conspiracy. Cassius later uses similar method to bring Casca right into the plot.

Throughout the action, Cassius remains fairly unconcerned through the unscrupulous means he is ready to usage to additional the republican cause, and also at Sardis, he and also Brutus come virtually to breaking up their alliance since Brutus objects come his means of collecting revenue to support the armies. Cassius watch Brutus as the catalyst that will unite the leading nobles in a conspiracy, and also he makes the recruitment that Brutus his very first priority. Ironically, his success leads straight to a constant decline that his own affect within the republican camp.

Clearly, Cassius has actually his negative aspects. He envies Caesar; he i do not care an assassin; and he will consent come bribery, offer commissions, and impose ruinous taxation to raise money. But he additionally has a details nobility of mind the is normally recognized. Once Caesar tells Antony the Cassius is dangerous, Antony answers, "Fear the not, Caesar; he"s not dangerous. / He"s a noble Roman and well given." He to be no doubt to express sentiments famous at the time. Cassius is additionally highly emotional. He displays extreme hatred in his verbal strike on Caesar during Lupercal; he nearly loses control due to the fact that of fear when Popilius reveals that the conspirators" plans have been leaked; he offers vent come anger in his discussion with Brutus in the tent at Sardis; the expresses an expertise tolerance the the poet that pleads for him and also Brutus to avoid their quarrel; and also he threatens suicide repeatedly and also finally choose self-inflicted death to humiliating catch by Antony and Octavius. Once he i do not care a genuine friend the Brutus adhering to the reconciliation in the tent, he stays faithful and refuses to blame Brutus because that the dilemma that he encounters in ~ Philippi, also though he has reason to execute so.

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Of every the leading characters in Julius Caesar, Cassius creates most as the activity progresses. In ~ the end of plot I, scene 2, the is a passionate and also devious manipulator striving to usage Brutus to get his ends. By the end of plot IV, scene 3, the is a calm friend of Brutus that will continue to be faithful to their friendship till death.