Jessica Rabbit"s speak voice to be performed by Kathleen Turner, who was uncredited.

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She perform the role as a donate to director Robert Zemeckis, through whom she had functioned with formerly on "Romancing the Stone".

Jessica"s singing voice was performed by Amy Irving.

IMDb additionally says:

Jessica Rabbit"s speak voice to be performed through Kathleen Turner, and her to sing voice to be performed by Amy Irving.

Kathleen Turner to be uncredited.

Why to be Kathleen Turner not credited for offering the voice that Jessica Rabbit ?

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According to invoice Bryson"s Made in America (p 295):

The longest credits however - for Who Framed roger Rabbit - it s long six and a fifty percent minutes and saluted 763 an imaginative artists, technicians, and also other contributors - without stating Kathleen Turner, the voice that Jessica Rabbit, that opted no to be credit.

Not sure why she would opt because that this, yet some thoughts:

The absence of credit might have more to carry out with the truth that she to be 9 months pregnant while doing the voice for Jessica, she daughter gift born top top the last day the recording. It simply may have actually not been something she to be concerned about at the time.

Besides having actually a baby and also building a residence in 1987, in between 1987 and 1988, she remained in 4 films and a documentary. That is feasible that there were contractual problems that retained her from being credited.

Because she to be amazed by the an innovative achievements of rather on the film, she may not have actually thought her contribution that noteworthy.

On a perform of 763 names, who would notice?

Interview excerpt:

Who Framed i get it Rabbit (1988)—“Jessica Rabbit”

KT: Ooooh. Bob Zemeckis, what an especially feat, matching animation and live film. Nobody had actually done the before. That was just a amazing process. They maintained sending me tapes of how it to be going along, and how they to be shooting a scene v Bob Hoskins and also this type of metal structure that to be Jessica, that would certainly be attracted over in later on stages in the process. And then appropriate up to once we had to begin doing the breathing of the character, because it’s one point to carry out lips and also face, however the totality body is the breath, for this reason go in and do every the breath so they might finish the body, and then go ago to execute the face. It to be a fascinating process.

AVC: It was a technological breakthrough, yet did you suspect she would end up being this widespread number of lust?

KT: I’m kind of amazed. Half the picture I acquire autograph inquiry for room Jessica.

AVC: how much the you was in that character?

KT: Oh, come me, that was simply fun. I was just seeing what I could do through that voice.

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AVC: carry out you view Jessica as one more parody of the femme fatale?

KT: No. I think she was sincerely in love v the rabbit. They had a an excellent marriage.