The Geats

Adam of Bremen*, a German medieval chronicler, wrote in 1075 advertisement "Gothorum populos in Sueonia regnantes" i.e. "the Geatic peoples reign in Sweden". The meaning of the Geats in various languages was in old English Geat, old norseman Gaut, swedish Götar and Latin Goths.

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All the early on Christian kings of Sweden in between 1000 - 1250 other than one whereby we recognize their burial site are hidden in the Geatic landscapes. These emperors are additionally considered to have their provenance and the main house in this regions. The first Christian sweden king, Olof Skötkonung, was baptized in the year 1008 ad and rests at the Husby church in western Geatland.

Our Geatland guides will certainly compare "Beowulf" 3 or four times through what friend see when it concerns artifacts and also places.

East Geatic Earl Birger Jarl is taken into consideration to be the founder that the funding Stockholm in 1252, and also is thought about by numerous to it is in the "father the Sweden" after ~ winning win in battles in 1247 and 1251. That is hidden at the Varnhem church in western Geatland.

Eastern and Western Geats populated and also populates lot of southern Sweden and were 2 of the three areas who to be most energetic when the nation of Sweden was developed in the year 800–1300, throughout which time it became a Christian kingdom.

Geatland significant in red

Image of southerly Scandinavia: Eastern and Western Geatland significant in red. Girlfriend may discover other Geatland maps ~ above the web differing native this map yet those reflects the Christian diocese and also does no correspond to the peoples landscapes. Geats were together a people likewise defined together Sveonian (old Swedish for Swedes) and there were no single Sveonian people, too many of world had the Sveonian definition. Image from NASA planet Observatory.

Their identity was solid - as an example when Norwegians saw war against their neighbours they fought versus the Geats / Gauts, not the Swedes / Svenskarna.

While beowulf is taken into consideration to it is in a fictitious character, King Hygelac is known to it is in historical, he was killed in a battle in frisian land approximately the year 516 AD. Various other historically correct archaeological findings incorporate rings, mead halls, swords and iron chain mail, which space all stated in the heroic city Beowulf. Numerous historians believe that the Geats / Goths native the Bronze age to the 6th century had trade contacts with Poland"s rivers down to the northern Black Sea area.

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Beowulf speak of contacts v the dance in relaxed brotherhood yet the Danes space the opponent in much of the Geatic and also Swedish war history. This is told in information in the trip "Land of Beowulf".