Robert I. Burke, co-owner of the French restaurant Pot au Feu and also creator the Providence’s independence Trailannie burke

While part state names are far too quick to be a danger (“You have to feel bad for places like Ohio – just four letters and also they had to use one letter twice,” Burke said), Massachusetts shouldn’t flourish too complacent through its new status as the state through the longest name.

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“We every live in fear of the minute when the republic of the northern Mariana Islands uses for statehood,” Burke said.

Burke notes the “Commonwealth that Massachusetts” has 27 letter – edging the end the “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” in ~ 26 letters.

“Our previous name was a fierce challenger with 42 letters, really placing that in a course of our own,” he composed to Raimondo. “In this distressing times, i ‘Hope’ (state motto, four letters) that you can work v Governor Baker come arrange a consciousness officially pass the title.”


Raimondo’s push secretary, Audrey Lucas, said, “We appreciate Mr. Burke’s creativity. The governor is thankful that Rhode Islanders poll to remove a word therefore closely connected with slavery from ours state’s official name.”

Burke, co-owner of the French restaurant Pot au Feu and creator the Providence’s three-mile self-reliance Trail, said he has no doubt the the state’s founder, i get it Williams, would have voted for the name readjust if that were alive today.

Language was an extremely important to Williams, the said, noting the Williams composed “A vital into the Language the America” in 1643, relenten the American Indian language in brand-new England at the time.

Also, Williams established Providence to offer “comfort come those distressed that conscience,” that said.

"If civilization in Rhode Island are distressed through the usage of ‘plantation’ in the name, roger Williams would have said, ‘I will certainly comfort others – the what netops do for netops,’ meaning, ‘It’s what friends carry out for friends,’ " Burke said, express the means Narragansett Indians an initial greeted Williams in 1636: “What cheer, netop!”

He acknowledged that as soon as the state was very first named, the word “plantations” ad to big agricultural enterprises.

“For a lengthy time, ‘plantations’ did no connote slavery,” Burke said. “But in ~ one point, it ended up being irretrievably tied come the concept of slavery, and also Rhode Island played together a prominent function in the slave trade.”

He provided that many other words – such together “hath” and also “dost” – are considered archaic, and also he stated the usage of words “plantations” without the connotation of slavery is currently equally outdated.


With president Donald trump refusing come concede the presidential gyeongju to President-elect Joe Biden, Rhode Island could carry out a design for a peaceful transfer that a far-reaching title, that said.

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“Trump must take notes,” Burke said. “We room going to be an example to the nation.”

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