In this lessons, we look at how pairs of angles deserve to relate to each other in several ways. Some instances arecomplementary angles, supplementary angles,vertical angles, alternative interior angles,alternate exterior angles, matching angles andadjacent angles.

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The adhering to diagrams display how vertical angles, corresponding angles, and alternative angles space formed.Scroll under the web page for more examples and also solutions.


Complementary Angles

Two angle are dubbed complementary angles if the sum oftheir level measurements equals 90 levels (right angle). One of the complementary angles is said tobe the complement that the other.

The two angles execute not have to be together or adjacent. They just need to include up come 90 degrees. If thetwo complementary angle are nearby then castle will kind a right angle.

∠ABC is the complement of ∠CBD

Supplementary Angles

Two angles are dubbed supplementary angles if the amount of their level measurements equals 180 degrees (straight line). Among the supplementary angle is claimed to it is in the supplement the the other.

The 2 angles execute not have to be together or adjacent. They just need to include up come 180 degrees. If the two supplementary angle are nearby then lock will type a straight line.

∠ABC is the supplement of ∠CBD

Vertical Angles

Two bag of angle are created by two intersecting lines.Vertical angles are opposite angles in such an intersection. Upright angles space equal to each other.


Very often math questions will need you to job-related out the worths of angles provided in diagrams byapplying the relationships between the pairs of angles.

Example 1:Given the diagram below, recognize the worths of the angles x, y and z.


Solution:Step 1: x is a complement of 65°. Therefore, x + 65° = 180° ⇒ x = 180° – 65° = 115°

Step 2: z and 115° are vertical angles. Therefore, z = 115°

Step 3: y and also 65° are vertical angles. Therefore, y = 65°

Answer: x = 115°, y = 65° and z = 115°

How To use Complementary, Supplementary, and Vertical edge Pairs building To resolve For X?

Alternate interior Angles

When a line intersects a pair that parallel lines alternative interiorangles room formed. Alternative interior angles are equal to each other.


One way to discover the alternative interior angles is to attract a zigzag line top top the diagram. In the abovediagrams, d and also e are alternative interior angles. Similarly, c and also f are also alternateinterior angles.

Example 1:Given the chart below, identify the values of the angles b, c, d, e, f, g and h.


Solution:Step 1: b is a supplement of 60°.Therefore, b + 60° =180° ⇒ b = 180° – 60° = 120°

Step 2: b and c room vertical angles.Therefore, c = b = 120°

Step 3: d and also 60° room vertical angles.Therefore, d = 60°

Step 4: d and also e are alternating interior angles.Therefore, e = d = 60°

Step 5: f and also e space supplementary angles.Therefore, f + 60° =180° ⇒ f = 180° – 60° = 120°

Step 6: g and f space vertical angles.Therefore, g = f = 120°

Step 7: h and e space vertical angles.Therefore, h = e = 60°

Answer:b = 120°, c = 120°, d = 60°, e = 60°, f = 120°, g = 120°and h = 60°

From the over example, you may notification that one of two people an edge is 60° or it is 120°. Actually, allthe small angles space 60° and all the big angles are 120°. In general, the diagram will be as displayed below.The small and big pair of angle aresupplementary(i.e. Little + big = 180°). Therefore,given any kind of one edge you would have the ability to work out the worths of every the various other angles.


How come Find alternate Interior Angles?

If two parallel lines are intersected by a transversal then alternate interior angles are congruent.

Alternate Exterior Angles

One means to remember alternate exterior angle is the they are the upright anglesof the alternating interior angles. Alternative exterior anglesare same to one another.


∠a and ∠h are alternate exteriorangles and they are equal to one another.

∠b and also ∠g are alternateexterior angles and also they space equal to one another.

How to Find alternate Exterior Angles?If 2 parallel lines space intersected by a transversal then alternate exterior angles room congruent.

Corresponding Angles

When a line intersects a pair of parallel lines equivalent angles are formed. Matching anglesare same to each other.


One means to uncover the matching angles is to draw a letter F ~ above the diagram. The F can also befacing backwards.

In the over diagram, ∠d and ∠hare corresponding angles.

There many other matching pairs of angles in the diagram:∠b and ∠f; ∠c and also ∠g; ∠a and ∠e.

How To uncover Congruent corresponding Angles?

Adjacent Angles

When 2 angles are next to one another, they are dubbed adjacent angles. Nearby angles re-publishing acommon side and a typical vertex.

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Example:∠x and also ∠y are nearby angles.

How to Find adjacent Angles?

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