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Which herbal phenomenon is the finest example of regular behavior?A. Your typical daily financial institution balance. B. The population of a city over time. C. The amount of air pollution in Los Angeles as a duty of time.D. The high temperature because that a offered city.I understand that come be considered periodic, an occasion has to occur over and also over in a predictable way.I am pretty sure B. Population CANNOT be considered. The end of these options what renders the most sense (please explain)?C is more than likely periodic given that sirloin hour is periodic, yet over time there will be much more cars the end on the roadway so the contamination will probably increase.I am thinking the best selection is D. The high temperature because that a offered city. What carry out you think and also why? say thanks to you to those who help!
Hey realbrandon.The an interpretation for periodic is that for some value of t (which is a actual number) then f(x + t) = f(x) for all x in the domain of the function.If you have the right to justify this climate so be it.Population is a tricky one since it depends on knowing just how the ecosystem affects population not only within one species, but those connected to it. Because that humans, I"d tend to agree v you though.I don"t think C would be a great one since pollution often tends to rise as a duty of resources and the necessity of things choose energy. Also technology and various other factors impact this.Definitely agree v your selection on D return the climate change people may get angry To be fair to you though i think the examples are not that great: castle are means too large and you might swing it either method depending on how you interpreted it. The most necessary thing though with a question choose this (and in math in general) is for you to carry out the proper reasoning and if you carry out this, then you will execute well in mathematics due to the fact that we can"t really remove uncertainty - yet we can choose how we execute it and also that renders all the difference.
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