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ax In indeterminate sentencing states, what is the major determinant of the quantity of time served?Answers:A. Leniency of the parole boardB. Push from politiciansC. Leniency the the judgeD. Inmate"s habits while incarcerated
Definition D. Inmates behaviour while incarcerated
Term which sentencing score is closely linked with the expression "an eye for an eye"?Answers:A. RehabilitationB. IncapacitationC. DeterrenceD. Retribution
Definition D. Retribution
Term i beg your pardon of the complying with represents the bespeak of the measures in a criminal trial?Answers:A.trial initiation, jury selection, opening statements, presentation that evidence, closeup of the door arguments, the judge"s charge to the jury, jury deliberations, the verdictB.trial initiation, the judge"s fee to the jury, jury selection, opening statements, presentation that evidence, close up door arguments, jury deliberations, the verdictC.trial initiation, opened statements, jury selection, presentation of evidence, closeup of the door arguments, the judge"s charge to the jury, jury deliberations, the verdictD.jury selection, psychological initiation, opening statements, presentation that evidence, closing arguments, the judge"s charge to the jury, jury deliberations, the verdict
Definition A.

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Term thomas Henderson"s decisional model defines the reduced court procedure asAnswers:A. Informal and also decisive.B. Long and also expensive.C. Formal, impersonal and also long.D. Highly procedural.
Definition A. Informal and decisive
Term which of the following statements about grand juries is false?Answers:A. Defendants deserve to cross-examine prosecution witnesses throughout a cool jury hearing.B. Cool jury hearings are held in secret.C. Defendants execute not have the ideal to show up before the grand jury.D. Grand juries have actually the strength to subpoena witnesses.
Definition A.
Term What is the name of the jail strategy that joins "pod architecture" with a participative, proactive administration philosophy?Answers:A. Manage by building and construction (cbc)B. Futuristic applicationsC. Direct supervisionD. Regime control
Definition C. Direct Supervision
Term The many important type of prosecutorial discretion lies in the power toAnswers:A. Fee or no to fee a person with one offense.B. Do sentencing recommendations.C. Plea bargain.D. Schedule cases.
Definition A. Charge or no charge a human being with a crime
Term ________ deterrence seeks to reduce the likelihood of recidivism by judge offenders.Answers:A. PreventiveB. SpecificC. GeneralD. Focused
Definition C. Specific
Term The 2007 BJS survey created under the auspices the the prison Rape Elimination plot reported that of the greatest variety of reported cases of sexual misconduct involvedAnswers:gang members.women, no who were homosexual before they pertained to prison.staff members, no inmate on inmate conduct.
Term Research suggests that rehabilitation works. Many offenders do not commit additional crimes after ~ serving their sentences.Answers:TrueFalse
Definition False
Term i m sorry of the following is not a role of a probation or parole officer"s work?Answers:A. Supervision of clientsB. Demands assessment and diagnosisC. Input proceduresD. Assistance to prosecutors by conducting arrests and investigations
Definition D. Assistance to prosecutors by conducting arrests and investigations
Term i m sorry U.S. Can be fried Court instance established the the prosecution is compelled to disclose come the defense exculpatory proof that straight relates to cases of either guilt or innocence?Answers:A. In Re GaultB. Faretta v. CaliforniaC. Imbler v. PachtmanD. Brady v. Maryland
Definition D. Brady v. Maryland
Term The usual American prison now isAnswers:A. Minimum or tool custody.B. Maximum or supermaximum custody.C. An ADMAX prison.D. Private.
Definition A. Minimum or tool costody
Term every the says in America often tend to use imprisonment at around the very same rate.Answers:TrueFalse
Definition False
Term research study has presented that within six months prior to release from jail inmates begin to show a renewed evaluation for standard values , rather than jail values.Answers:TrueFalse
Definition false
Term The Missouri plan for judicial selection includes aspects of judicial an option by election and also appointment.Answers:TrueFalse
Definition True
Term i beg your pardon intermediate ratify resembles a military-style boots camp?Answers:A. Shock paroleB. Shock incarcerationC. Shock probationD. Extensive supervision
Definition B. Shock incarceration
Term court that have the authority to testimonial a decision do by a reduced court are stated to haveAnswers:A. Oversight jurisdiction.B. Initial jurisdiction.C. Obligated jurisdiction.D. Appellate jurisdiction.
Definition D. Appellate Jurisdiction
Term i m sorry of the following statements around jails is false?Answers:A. Jails space short-term confinement facilities.B.The variety of males sentenced come jail is farming much quicker than the number of females sentenced come jail.C. Jails room overcrowded.D. Jails carry inmates come federal, state or various other authorities.
Definition B.

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Term Which version describing the duties that probation and also parole policemans sees clients together "wards" whom policemans are expected to control?Answers:A. Supervisory modelB. Social service modelC. Correctional modelD. Social work-related model
Definition C. Correctional Model
Term most defendants are detained in jail while awaiting trial.Answers:TrueFalse
Definition False
Term The ________ design of prison culture suggests the inmates bring values, roles, and behavior fads from the external world.Answers:A. CaptiveB. DeprivationC. AdaptationD. Importation
Definition D. Importation
Term There room far much more offenders in prison now than space serving community-based sentences.Answers:TrueFalse
Definition False
Term current research shows that offenders sentenced to shock incarceration do not commit additional crimes once released.Answers:TrueFalse
Definition False
Term Suits to formally request a hear to recognize the lawfulness of imprisonment are normally calledAnswers:A. Writs that habeas corpus.B. Writs that mandamus.C. Writs of federal action.D. Ex article facto writs.
Definition A. Writs that Habeas Corpus