Elvis Presley to be born in a two-room home in a Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935. The only living boy of working-class parents, young Elvis prospered up in Tupelo — where he very first began performing publicly and playing guitar — before his family members moved to Memphis in 1948. A few years later, in the early on 1950s, that would begin recording the songs the would eventually make that famous and also earn him the nickname the King of absent ‘n’ Roll. 

Elvis to be on the roadway to enormous success. But very early tragedy continued to haunt the life the the King.

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Elvis had a twin brother who passed away at birth 



A dig marker for Jesse Garon Presley at Graceland | Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Elvis died in 1977 at age 42. Regardless of speculation, pan will never ever know precisely what the thought around the tragic death of his elder brother and how it shame his life. But some that have additionally lost pair siblings feeling a special link to the “Hound Dog” singer. 

“If you talk to any twinless twin, any type of surviving twin, Elvis is large in your life,” Whitmer said. 

One woman who, prefer Elvis, had actually lost her pair at birth, called the AP once she first heard his music as soon as she was a teenager it felt favor there “was this famed person putting words come what I had actually felt, however I didn’t talk around it.” A support team for twinless pair has even held its annual conference at Graceland, Elvis’s house in Memphis, whereby there is a memorial because that Jesse.

The story that Elvis’s twin influenced a movie 

The story that Elvis’s twin has actually long fascinated part fans of the singer. Conspiracy theorists even believe that Jesse Presley did no die in ~ birth. They insurance claim that Elvis provided his brother as a body dual in interviews.

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And also a 2014 movie title The Identical was motivated by the idea of there being one more Elvis, through filmmakers informing the story that Elvis-like twins who room separated at birth and also go ~ above to go after careers together singers. It got overwhelmingly an adverse reviews.

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