Microscopic channels which traverse the cell walls of plant cells and some algal cells, enabling transport and communication between them

Amoebas are unicellular organisms, while human beings are multi-cellular and the most intelligent of organisms. However, both ar
.Though unicellular have all the necessary cell organelles and a well-defined nucleus, therefore fulfilling the characteristics of eukaryotes.

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A zygoat is an egg that has been fertilized by the male gamite (sperm)


The zygoat develops into an embryo, which then becomes a baby

Suzie Q wants to know the effect of different colors of light on the growth of plants. She believes that plants can survive best


This question is about identifying the variables of this experiment. The question is incomplete (lacks options), the options to the hypothesis are:

A) If I add miracle grow to a fern, then it would grow taller.

B) If I add 20ml of water to a fern on a daily basis, then it would grow taller.

C) If a fern is exposed to white light, then it would grow taller.

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D) If a fern is exposed to 10 ml of iodine on a daily basis, then it will grow taller.

The sdrta.net is C

Independent variable: different colors of light

Dependent variable: growth (height) of plants/ferns

Control group: plants/ferns placed in the closet (no light)

Constants or Control variable: Miracle-Grow, 20ml of water, 2 weeks


Hypothesis of an experiment is a testable explanation given to support the experiment. Based on the experiment conducted by Suzie in order to determine the effect of colors of light on plant growth, she is of the belief that plants grow/survive best under white light. Hence, the hypothesis of the experiment will be:


2. Independent variable of an experiment refers to the variable that the experimenter controls or manipulates in order to effect a change. In this case, the independent variable is the DIFFERENT COLORS OF LIGHT.

3. Dependent variable is the variable that is measured or responds i.e. the outcome. In this case, the GROWTH/HEIGHT OF THE PLANTS is the dependent variable.

4. The control group in an experiment is the group that receives no experimental treatment. In this case, the group of ferns placed in the CLOSET/NO LIGHT are the control groups.

5. Control variable or constants are the variables in an experiment that are unchanged or kept constant throughout the experiment. In this experiment, the constants are MIRACLE-GROW, Same amount of water (20ml), same amount of weeks (2 weeks)