Therefore, follow to the provided equation, a adjust that constantly results in boost in gravitational force is:

rise in the mass of the objects and also decrease in the distance in between them.

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A readjust that will certainly always result in rise in the gravitational force in between two objects is:

Increase in the fixed of the objects and decrease in the distance between them.


Vadim26 <7>1 year ago
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The change that will always an outcome in rise in the gravitational force between two objects is increasing the masses the the objects and decreasing the distance in between the objects
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What is the function of control rods in a atom reactor
stellarik <79>

Control rods are an essential technology for keeping the wanted state the fission reactions within a nuclear reactor. Castle constitute a real-time regulate of the fission process, i m sorry is an important for both keeping the fission chain reaction active and preventing it from increasing beyond control.

Explanation: i hope this aid you!!

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9 month ago

Digital bits top top a 12.0-cm diameter audio CD space encoded along an external spiraling course that starts in ~ radius R1=2.5cm and also finis
BabaBlast <244>

total length of the spiral is together is 5378.01 m


Given data:

Inner radius R1=2.5 cm

and external radius R2= 5.8 cm.

the broad of spiral winding is (d) =1.6 \mu m = 1.6x 10^-6 m

the total length that the spiral is l is given as




= 5378.01 m

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7 month ago

A fixed on a wire of unknown length oscillates as a pendulum v a duration of 1.8 s. What is the duration in the following situat


Period ( P) is offered as


a) due to the fact that mass has actually no effect on the period of a pendulum. So, the duration will stay 1.8seconds

b) using the formula over ,period varies through the square root of the length. Therefore , once the size doubles, the duration is multiplied by √2. So, the duration is 1.8s*√2 = 2.54s

c) in this case, the period is multiplied by √(1/2).


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d) amplitude that the pendulum doesn"t affect the duration (unless itsvery high, so, the duration is still 1.8s

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1 year ago

Samantha and Emily are pushing a crate of textbooks in the very same direction across their classroom. Samantha is using a pressure of
velikii <3> 20 newtons


Given that:

Force applied by Samantha = 10 newtons

Force applied by Emily = 10 newtons

Direction of both forces = same

Net pressure of their efforts = ?

Since net force of forces used in the very same direction is acquired by adding up the seperate forces applied, then

Net force = (10 newtons + 10 newtons)

Net force = 20 newtons

Thus, the net pressure of their efforts is 20 newtons.

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1 year ago
What is a caliper offered for?
pav-90 <236>

a caliper is offered to do a an exact measurement that length within tube or on nuts/bolts, or something really

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10 months ago
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