‘Eat Pray Love’ adheres to Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts), who realizes the she demands to make significant changes in she life, beginning with her unhappy marriage. ~ a divorce, she takes off on a journey about the civilization to find herself. The three meaningful experiences in her take trip take ar in Italy, India, and Indonesia, wherein she discovers the pleasures of eating, praying, and also true love. A couple of locations in these nations saw a significant increase in the variety of tourists ~ this film’s release. Surely, many of you might want to recognize where the movie was filmed. Below is every little thing we know!

Eat Pray Love Filming Locations

‘Eat Pray Love’ to be filmed in four countries: the USA, Italy, India, and also Indonesia. The biographical movie is based on the publication of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. Below are the details that the filming locations!

New York City

The significant journey across the globe begins when Liz from new York decides to make crucial life decisions. The film functions several locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Numerous scenes present Liz going approximately the city and also meeting David and her friend, Delia. These scenes to be filmed at walker Street, Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan Bridge, and also Bowery & East fourth Street in Manhattan. Among the scenes in between Liz and David was additionally filmed outside a building on 244 East fifth Street and 2nd Avenue, Manhattan.

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Several areas in Brooklyn offered as a filming site, consisting of Cobble Hill, publication Court on 163 Court Street called publication Court, and also Smith Laundromat ~ above 137 smith Street and Dean Street. One more scene between Liz and David was filmed in ~ the Robin Des Bois cafe on 195 smith Street and Warren Street.

Rome, Italy

Rome is the major Italian ar for the “Eat” part of this film. Castel Sant’Angelo, located on the river Tiber close to The Vatican, is well-known to offer among the best views the Rome. This is wherein Liz looks end the city and also contemplates the brand-new phase in she life. Liz’s time in Rome mostly revolves around the Piazza Navona.

The exterior shots of she apartment were filmed in ~ 18 Via dei Portoghesi. Other filming areas in the area space Sant’Agnese in Agone, Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, and also Via dell’ Orso. The cafe whereby Liz meets Sofi is additionally located there. Numerous restaurants, such as Antica Trattoria Della Pace, Osteria Dell’Antiquario, and Restaurant Saint Lucia, attribute in the movie.


It is virtually impossible not to encompass the top The Colosseum if one is filming in Rome. Even though Liz does not visit it, we get a beautiful drone shoot of the impressive historical structure. In the film, Liz additionally heads to Naples, the birthplace that pizza. The pizza step is filmed at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, a restaurant that dates earlier to 1870.

Pataudi, India

A huge chunk the Liz’s time in India is invested at one ashram. Since Elizabeth Gilbert never ever revealed the location of the really ashram, those scenes were filmed at the Hari Mandir Ashram in Pataudi, Haryana. The ashram rectal 28 acres of soil and likewise has a hostel and school. The film offered several ashram employee as extras, especially for the “langar” (a communal meal) scenes. The production team worked for a month come prepare the sets ahead of the filming.

Julia Roberts and also the crew continued to be at the Pataudi royal residence for the expression of filming in Pataudi. The palace, additionally known together Ibrahim Kothi, belongs come the Pataudi family. It to be passed on indigenous Nawab Mansoor Ali khan Pataudi, a well known cricketer, to his son and Bollywood star, Saif Ali Khan.


Several order were additionally filmed in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, consisting of the scene wherein Richard and also Liz space enjoying a cup of tea together. This ancient town is positioned on the financial institutions of the flow Ganga. A small component of the movie may have also been filmed in Delhi, the funding city of India.

Bali, Indonesia

Liz goes come Indonesia because that the last leg of she trip, wherein she drops in love with Felipe. Ubud and Padang-Padang beach in Bali are major filming areas in Indonesia. The beautiful rice paddies wherein Liz is viewed riding a bicycle is the Tegallalang Rice Terrace. Liz and Felipe likewise enjoy a stroll v the vibrant and also bustling regional market, which is actually the Ubud Market, AKA, Pasar Seni. It is located throughout the road from the renowned Ubud Palace.

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In the film, Liz go to fulfill the Balinese medicine man Ketut Liyer. Those sequences have been filmed in ~ Liyer’s really house, which lies come the southern of Ubud. The coast scenes to be filmed at Padang-Padang, situated in the Bukit Peninsula of Bali. However, the bar whereby Liz and also Felipe fulfill was a collection created for the movie.