How can you phone call if your car has a negative AC pressure switch? read on to find out the most usual symptoms.

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If you have actually some an easy mechanical knowledge, you deserve to follow this AC push switch diagnostic steps to figure out those going on.

1. Turn On air Conditioning

Leave the engine running and also turn on the waiting conditioning complete blast. Make certain you have actually the windows open, for this reason the air doesn’t cycle itself.

The very first sign that the waiting conditioning press switch is bad is once the system shuts off intermittently. This shouldn’t occur with the windows wide open.

2. Feel the Condenser Tubes

Pop the hood and also look because that the condenser. That is a grille-shaped or block component the connects to the compressor through tubes and hoses. It likewise contains a belt and pulley system.

Feel both tubes comes from the condenser, moving toward the firewall. They need to be cold to touch due to the fact that refrigerant need to be flowing v them.

If one of the pipe doesn’t feeling cold, there is no refrigerant relocating through the line.

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3. Check AC Pressures

Use her air air conditioning gauge set to check for enough levels ~ above both sides. Girlfriend will affix the low-pressure gauge come the low-pressure fitting and vice versa.

On the low-pressure side, you have to see readings close to 30 PSI once the temperature external is 90 degrees or less. The high-pressure side have to be roughly twice the ambient temperature through 50 PSI added.

If the short or high pressures are off, over there is a larger problem with the system.

4. Scan for trouble Codes

With the OBDII port on her vehicle, you have the right to use a code scanner to examine for DTCs. You can also use the password scanner come erase codes once you repair the problem.

If friend don’t have an engine code reader, think about stopping at your local auto components store, where they could offer the organization for free.

5. Test electrical Connections

Take the press sensor off and test the connection heading come the sensor indigenous the electric harness. Make sure your crucial is turn on come the accessories spot.

When the electrical connection is working as that should, the multimeter will read in between 4.0 and 5.0 volts.

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AC push Switch instead of Cost

The median AC pressure switch replacement expense is between $50 and $300. To buy the AC press switch, girlfriend will most likely spend between $20 and $100, while labor can expense $30 come $200, depending upon how challenging it is to with the sensors.