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location A map that the British realm in America v the French and Spanish settlements surrounding thereto other Title America Septentrionalis Contributor name Popple, Henry, -1743. Toms, W. H. (William Henry), roughly 1700-approximately 1750. Seale, Richard William. Lemprière, C. (Clement), 1716?-1746. Baron, Bernard, 1696-1762. created / published subject Headings - phibìc America--Maps--Early functions to 1800 - good Britain--Colonies--America--Maps--Early works to 1800 - France--Colonies--America--Maps--Early works to 1800 - Spain--Colonies--America--Maps--Early functions to 1800 - north America - great Britain - France - Spain note - Relief displayed pictorially. Depths shown by soundings. - title from bowl 17. - originally published together 1 map top top 20 sheets. LC copy bound. Table of contents map bound-in. - Phillips. Maps of America, p. 569 - sheet of paper (25 x 19 cm.) listing the numbered plates placed on preliminary leaf. - On location cartouche (plate 17): C. Lempriere inv. & del., B. Baron, sculp. - accessible also through the Library the Congress web site together a raster image. - includes notes, dedication, 4 views, and also 17 harbor insets. - spare trimmed on index map. - Conserved July 15, 1985. tool 1 atlas (<36> leaves) : 21 bowl of maps (1 folded, hand col.) ; 54 cm. contact Number/Physical sdrta.netation G1105 .P6 1733 G3300 1733 .P63 Vault no bound. 1 map top top 2 sheets (sheets 244 x 118 cm.). Hand col. An installed on cloth. Map thoroughly darkened obscuring initial coloration. Major losses across top margin. In manuscript on fabric label (12 x 27 cm.) affixed to verso: N. Rochefort, chairman of university of Orleans. Repository Library of conference Geography and Map department Washington, D.C. 20540-4650 USA dcu Digital i would http://hdl.sdrta.net/sdrta.net.gmd/g3300m.gct00061 Library of Congress control Number 2009582407 Online style image online message LCCN Permalink https://lccn.sdrta.net/2009582407 extr Metadata styles MARCXML record MODS document Dublin Core document IIIF Presentation Manifest Manifest (JSON/LD)

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Credit Line: Library that Congress, Geography and also Map Division.

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Popple, Henry, -1743, W. H Toms, Richard wilhelm Seale, C Lemprière, and also Bernard Baron. A map of the British realm in America with the French and Spanish settlements nearby thereto. Map. Https://www.sdrta.net/item/2009582407/.

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Popple, H., Toms, W. H., Seale, R. W., Lemprière, C. & Baron, B. (1733) A map of the British empire in America with the French and Spanish settlements adjacent thereto. Retrieved indigenous the Library that Congress, https://www.sdrta.net/item/2009582407/.

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Popple, Henry, -1743, et al. A map the the British realm in America with the French and also Spanish settlements adjacent thereto. Map. Retrieved indigenous the Library the Congress, .

A map that the British realm in America with the French and Spanish settlements surrounding thereto America Septentrionalis Relief presented pictorially. Depths presented by soundings. Title from bowl 17. Initially published together 1 map on 20 sheets. LC copy bound. Table of contents map bound-in. Phillips. Maps of America, p. 569 On... Contributor: Baron, bernard - Popple, Henry - Austen, Stephen - Toms, W. H. (William Henry) - Lemprière, C. (Clement) - Willdey, thomas Date: 1733

A map the the British empire in America v the French and also Spanish settlements nearby thereto America Septentrionalis Phillips. Maps the America, p. 569 Relief displayed pictorially. Table of contents map come Popple's larger, 20 paper map of the very same name. Has 4 inset views, 18 inset maps, ill., and also note. Fold-lined.... Contributor: Toms, W. H. (William Henry) - Popple, Henry - Harding, Samuel Date: 1733

A map the the British empire in America through the French, Spanish and the Dutch settlements ... Carte particulière de l'Amérique septentrionale Relief presented pictorially. English and French. In upper appropriate corner: XC.I. 2nd state, ca 1741. Phillips. Maps that America, p. 569. Accessible also v the Library the Congress net site as a... Contributor: Cóvens Et Mortier - Popple, Henry Date: 1741

A map that the brothers plantations on the continent of phibìc America, according to the note ... scale ca. 1:6,500,000. Hand colored. Relief presented pictorially. "West longitude from Ferro." LC Maps of phibìc America, 1750-1789, 87 consists of historic notes and also text ~ above "Fourteen British swarms including Newfoundland" in margins.... Contributor: Seale, Richard wilhelm - Overton, Henry Date: 1755

The brother & French dominions in north America : specifically shewing the French encroachments v all ... British and French dominions in phibìc America Relief presented pictorially. Prime meridians: Ferro and London. Contains "short stare of the French encroachments ~ above the British territories in north America." Fold-lined. Easily accessible also v the Library of Congress internet site... Contributor: Bowles, thomas - john Bowles & child Date: 1758
Contributor: Popple, Henry
Historia general de los hechos de los castellanos en ras Islas ns Tierra Firme del Mar ... "En quatro decadas desde el año de 1492 hasta el de 1531. De cada primera al Rey Nuro Señor." each volume (8 "decades" and also Descripción de ras Indias Ocidentales) has special engraved... Contributor: Herrera Y Tordesillas, Antonio De - Jay I. Kislak arsenal (Library of Congress) Date: 1601
Parallel backgrounds Spain, the unified States, and also the American frontier = Historias paralelas : España, Estados ... Spain, the united States and the American frontier | España, Estados Unidos y la frontera americana | Historias paralelas Parallel Histories: Spain, the united States, and also the American Frontier is a bilingual, multi-format English-Spanish digital library site that explores the interactions between Spain and the United states in America indigenous the... Date: 200?
Philadelphia. In Congress, Thursday, September 22, 1774 : Resolved, the the Congress request the merchants and also ... Bristol B3890 Shipton & Mooney 42733 ESTC W13941 Also accessible in digital kind on the Library the Congress net site. Contributor: Thomson, Charles - continent Congress Broadside arsenal (Library that Congress) - unified States. Continent Congress Date: 1774

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Tres colonizaciones comparadas y su impacto en la subjetividades nacionales : algunas características de ras colonizaciones ... released in Buenos Aires. Originally presented together the author's thesis (specialist)--Universidad de Buenos Aires. Consists of bibliographical referrals (pages 190-194). Contributor: Morel, Alberto Date: 2015