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Ambient air Temperature Sensor

The approximately (ATC) or external air temperature sensor is an (NTC) an adverse temperature coefficient sensor that notifies the semiautomatic/automatic temperature regulate system of external air temperature. The NTC sensor"s resistance decreases as the exterior air temperature increases. The computer system uses this input, along with other in-car temperature sensors, to regulate temperature and also blower speed. When there"s a problem with this sensor, power suffers, and also the compressor"s clutch might not engage.Diagnose ambient waiting temperature sensor symptoms, choose an inoperative clutch or entry problems, through a scan tool and a multimeter. Factory and also many generic scan tools deserve to activate particular components; the compressor clutch is among them. If the clutch engages through the scan tool, over there is likely a difficulty with among the inputs. Verify any type of suspicions v a intuitive inspection of the sensor and also its connector. Usage a multimeter and also verify the manufacturer"s specifications (~ 220-240 ohms in ~ 70°-80° F), to check this sensor for suitable resistance. Automotive air conditioning solution use NTC sensors to monitor air temperature. The In-Car Temperature sensor (ICTS) is an NTC the monitors the air temperature of the passenger compartment.The ambient temperature sensor (ATS) monitors the air temperature exterior of the vehicle. The EATC compares these values and makes output decisions based upon the difference between these air temperatures.


In the illustration, the ambient wait temperature sensor is located behind the grill. It’s frequently located behind the grill or front bumper. This is why they’re sometimes damaged in a front end collision.

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