Where is area code 814?

Area code 814 is situated in Pennsylvania and covers Erie, Altoona, and State College. The is the just area code that offer the area.


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What time region is area password 814?

The 814 area password is located in the eastern timezone. The eastern time ar is likewise known as America/New_York. As of the critical time this page was loaded, the current time is 6:04am.


814 is among the original 86 area codes produced by AT&T and the Bell device in 1947. It initially served northwestern and central Pennsylvania. To stop exhausting all feasible phone numbers in this area code, relief planning has actually begun.

Nearby Area Codes

223/717 (Lancaster, PA)226/519/548 (London, ON)234/330 (Akron, OH)240/301 (Germantown, MD)272/570 (Scranton, PA)304/681 (West Virginia)410/443/667 (Baltimore, MD)412 (Pittsburgh, PA)
440 (Parma, OH)585 (Rochester, NY)607 (Binghamton, NY)716 (Buffalo, NY)724 (New Castle, PA)814 (Erie, PA)878 (Pittsburgh, PA)
CountyTotal Population% that 814% of County
Centre, PA153,9907%99%
Erie, PA280,5665%52%
Cambria, PA143,6794%100%
Blair, PA127,0893%100%
Crawford, PA88,7656%94%
Clearfield, PA81,6427%100%
Somerset, PA77,7427%100%
Venango, PA54,9844%100%
Bedford, PA49,7626%100%
Huntingdon, PA45,9136%100%
Jefferson, PA45,2004%100%
McKean, PA43,4506%100%
Warren, PA41,8156%100%
Clarion, PA39,9884%91%
Elk, PA31,9465%100%
Indiana, PA88,8801%27%
Potter, PA17,4577%100%
Tioga, PA41,9813%38%
Mercer, PA116,6381%12%
Armstrong, PA68,9411%17%
Forest, PA7,7163%100%
Cameron, PA5,0853%100%
Fulton, PA14,8451%29%
Mifflin, PA46,6820%7%

CityTotal Population% that 814% that City
Erie, PA101,7860%100%
Altoona, PA46,3200%100%
State College, PA42,0340%100%
Johnstown, PA20,9780%100%
Meadville, PA13,3880%100%
St. Marys, PA13,0701%100%
Oil City, PA10,5570%100%
Warren, PA9,7100%100%
Park woodland Village, PA9,6600%100%
Northwest Harborcreek, PA8,9490%100%
Bradford, PA8,7700%100%
DuBois, PA7,7940%100%
Huntingdon, PA7,0930%100%
Corry, PA6,6050%100%
Franklin, PA6,5450%100%
Edinboro, PA6,4380%100%
Somerset, PA6,2770%100%
Clearfield, PA6,2150%100%
Bellefonte, PA6,1870%100%
Punxsutawney, PA5,9620%100%
Hollidaysburg, PA5,7910%100%
Titusville, PA5,6010%100%
Tyrone, PA5,4770%100%
Sugarcreek, PA5,2940%100%
Clarion, PA5,2760%100%
Westmont, PA5,1810%100%
North East, PA4,2940%100%
Windber, PA4,1380%100%
Ridgway, PA4,0780%100%
Lawrence Park, PA3,9820%100%
Brookville, PA3,9240%100%
Treasure Lake, PA3,8610%100%
Northern Cambria, PA3,8350%100%
Kane, PA3,7300%100%
Elim, PA3,7270%100%
Boalsburg, PA3,7220%100%
Ebensburg, PA3,3510%100%
Wesleyville, PA3,3410%100%
Union City, PA3,3200%100%
Marienville, PA3,1370%100%
Girard, PA3,1040%100%
Lake City, PA3,0310%100%
Pleasant Gap, PA2,8790%100%
Bedford, PA2,8410%100%
Belmont, PA2,7840%100%
Philipsburg, PA2,7700%100%
Reynoldsville, PA2,7590%100%
Nanty-Glo, PA2,7340%100%
Portage, PA2,6380%100%
Cambridge Springs, PA2,5950%100%


14%Verizon North
3%Level 3

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6%Verizon Wireless
1%Buffalo-lake Erie Wireless Systems
1%Usa Mobility Wireless