An imaginative and mischievousboy called Tom Sawyer stays with his Aunt Polly and also hishalf-brother, Sid, in the Mississippi River city of St. Petersburg,Missouri. After play hooky from institution on Friday and also dirtyinghis garments in a fight, Tom is made come whitewash the fence as punishmenton Saturday. In ~ first, Tom is disappointed by having actually to forfeithis work off. However, he soon cleverly persuades his girlfriend totrade him tiny treasures for the privilege of act his work. Hetrades these prizes for tickets offered out in Sunday institution formemorizing bible verses and uses the ticket to claim a holy bible asa prize. The loses much of his glory, however, when, in responseto a inquiry to show off his knowledge, he wrongly answersthat the an initial two disciples were David and Goliath.

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Tom falls in love v Becky Thatcher, a new girl intown, and persuades she to get “engaged” come him. Their romance collapses whenshe learns the Tom has actually been “engaged” before—to a girl named AmyLawrence. Soon after gift shunned by Becky, Tom accompaniesHuckleberry Finn, the son of the city drunk, come the graveyard atnight to try out a “cure” for warts. At the graveyard, lock witnessthe killing of young Dr. Robinson by the Native-American “half-breed”Injun Joe. Scared, Tom and also Huck run away and also swear a blood oathnot come tell everyone what they have actually seen. Injun Joe blames his companion,Muff Potter, a hapless drunk, because that the crime. Potter is wrongfullyarrested, and also Tom’s anxiety and also guilt begin to grow.

Tom, Huck, and Tom’s friend Joe Harper run away to anisland to come to be pirates. When frolicking around and also enjoying theirnewfound freedom, the guys become mindful that the community is soundingthe river for their bodies. Tom sneaks ago home one night to observethe commotion. After a brief moment that remorse at the sufferingof his loved ones, Tom is struck by the idea of appearing at hisfuneral and surprising everyone. The persuades Joe and Huck come dothe same. Your return is met with good rejoicing, and they becomethe envy and also admiration of all your friends.

Back in school, Tom gets himself ago in Becky’s favorafter he nobly accepts the blame for a publication that she has ripped.Soon Muff Potter’s trial begins, and Tom, get over by guilt, testifiesagainst Injun Joe. Potter is acquitted, but Injun Joe flees thecourtroom through a window.

Summer arrives, and Tom and Huck go searching for buriedtreasure in a haunted house. After ~ venturing upstairs lock heara noise below. Peering v holes in the floor, they watch InjunJoe go into the home disguised as a deaf and also mute Spaniard. The andhis companion, one unkempt man, plan to bury part stolen treasureof their own. From their hiding spot, Tom and also Huck wriggle withdelight in ~ the prospect of digging it up. By an impressive coincidence,Injun Joe and also his partner discover a hidden box of gold themselves.When they view Tom and also Huck’s tools, they end up being suspicious thatsomeone is sharing their hiding place and carry the gold turn off insteadof reburying it.

Huck starts to shadow Injun Joe every night, watchingfor an opportunity to nab the gold. Meanwhile, Tom go on a picnicto McDougal’s cavern with Becky and their classmates. That same night,Huck sees Injun Joe and his partner making off through a box. The followsand overhears your plans to assault the Widow Douglas, a type residentof St. Petersburg. By to run to having help, Huck forestalls theviolence and becomes an anonymous hero.

Tom and Becky gain lost in the cave, and also their absenceis not found until the complying with morning. The men of the townbegin to search for them, but to no avail. Tom and also Becky run outof food and also candles and also begin to weaken. The fear of the situationincreases when Tom, searching for a means out of the cave, wake up uponInjun Joe, who is making use of the cavern as a hideout. Eventually, justas the searchers are offering up, Tom finds a method out. The town celebrates,and Becky’s father, judge Thatcher, locks up the cave. Injun Joe,trapped inside, starves come death.

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A main later, Tom bring away Huck come the cave and also they findthe crate of gold, the proceeds that which are invested for them. TheWidow Douglas by Huck, and, as soon as Huck attempts come escape civilizedlife, Tom guarantees him the if he return to the widow, he deserve to joinTom’s robber band. Reluctantly, Huck agrees.

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