Preparing domestic Mail

Send residential mail easily with®. Correctly preparing your letters and postcards will obtain them where they’re walking on time and save girlfriend money.

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For just how to ship a package, see sending out Packages.

For mail and packages sent out from and also to the U.S., view Preparing global Shipments.


Step 1: pick Envelope or Postcard

When e-mail a letter or postcard, postage cost depends on the size and also shape of the mailpiece. You have the right to save money mailing standard sizes the fit v automated mail-processing equipment.

Size & Weight determine Price

All envelopes need to be flat. If her envelope can’t fit with automated processing equipment it is thought about nonmachinable and also costs an ext to send. Nonmachinable items incorporate lumpy or strict envelopes, and those that have actually clasps, string, or buttons. Unusually shaped square or upright envelopes will likewise cost much more to send.

EnvelopesEnvelopes should be made of paper.Envelopes should be rectangular to qualify because that letter prices.Envelopes larger than letter-size will be fee package prices.Large envelopes must be rectangle-shaped to qualified for flat Rate prices.PostcardsPostcards must be rectangular to qualify for First-Class Mail® prices.Oversized postcards will certainly be fee letter or large envelope prices.Size & Weight needs – Postcards & Envelopes
Step 2: address Your Mail

Write or print your return address and the address you"re mailing to plainly in the exactly spots to make sure your letter is delivered on time.

Address Format

Envelopes v addresses that space unclear or composed in the wrong location may not gain delivered.

Print addresses neatly in capital letters.Use a pen or permanent marker.Do not usage commas or periods.Include the ZIP+4® password whenever possible.Write receiver Address

Write the recipient’s resolve in the bottom center of the envelope. Include the adhering to on different lines:

Recipient"s complete name or agency nameFull street deal with and apartment or suite number, if applicableCity, State, and also ZIP+4 Code

If the apartment or suite number cannot fit top top the delivery deal with line above the city, state, and ZIP+4 Code, location it top top a separate line immediately over the delivery attend to line.

Recipient"s full name or company nameApartment or suite numberFull street addressCity, State, and ZIP+4 CodeSecondary address Unit ExamplesWrite Sender Address

Write the sender’s attend to in the top-left corner. Include the following on different lines:

Sender’s complete name or company nameFull street address and apartment or suite number, if applicableCity, State, and ZIP+4 CodePostal Addressing StandardsSpecial U.S. AddressesPuerto Rico

Mail to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or an APO/FPO/DPO has certain address requirements.

Most Puerto Rico addresses have actually the same format as typical addresses. Others include an urbanization or neighborhood code because that a specific area or development. Addresses with an urbanization code, abbreviated URB, should be created on four lines.


Puerto Rico address ExamplesU.S. Virgin Islands

Virgin archipelago addresses have the same layout as regular addresses. The right abbreviation because that this are is “VI,” not “US VI” or “USA VI.”

MRS JOAN SMITHRR 1 crate 6601KINGSHILL through 00850-9802


To protect against mail native entering international mail networks, carry out not incorporate city or country names in APO/FPO/DPO shipping addresses. Make sure you include the unit and box numbers, because that APO/FPO/DPO shipping addresses (if assigned).

Military attend to Examples
Step 3: calculation & apply Postage

How plenty of stamps you have to mail your letter relies on where it"s going, the size, and its weight. Requesting a Certified letter Receipt or other proof of delivery will add to the price. The current price that a First-Class Mail® Forever® letter rubber stamp is $0.58 and also $0.40 because that a postcard.

Paying for Postage

There are number of things to think about when calculating a postage price.

Destination SpeedShape and also sizeSpecial handling and insuranceDelivery check receipts

Calculate a Price

Insurance & Extra Services

Postage Options

There room several methods to gain postage for your envelope.

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Step 4: Send her Mail

Mailing your stamped envelope or postcard is easy. You can leave it for her mail transport to choose up or fall it turn off in several locations.

To send her letter or postcard:

Leave the in your mailbox for carrier pickup.Drop it turn off in a blue collection box.Take it come a article Office™ lobby drop.Post offices & Drop-Off Locations