Back to BiographiesSelena Gomez has become one that today\"s rising young stars. She\"s one actress and recording artist and is many widely known for her starring duty as Alex Russo ~ above Disney Channel\"s Wizards the Waverly Place.

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Where did Selena prosper up?Selena Gomez was born top top July 22, 1992 in grand Prairie, Texas. She was an only child and got she high school diploma through homeschooling. Her favorite sports is basketball and her favorite topic in institution was science.How did Selena very first get into acting?Her mother was an actress in the theatre which gained Selena interested in acting. She gained her an initial real acting task on the youngsters show Barney & Friends in ~ the period of 7. She had a few other smaller duties until at the age of 12 she began working for the Disney Channel. She started off with a small role on the Suite Life that Zack and also Cody then she to be on Hannah Montana a couple of times. Her large break, however, was as soon as she was cast as Alex Russo ~ above Wizards the Waverly Place. The display has been an extremely successful and Selena has actually been a huge part of the shows success.Since involvement Wizards that Waverly Place, Selena\"s acting career has actually grown. She\"s been a guest star on several other Disney Channel shows and also starred in Disney Channel movie such as Princess security Program (with her friend Demi Lovato) and Wizards that Waverly Place: The Movie. Larger roles have actually started to open up for her, too. She starred together Beezus in the major motion picture Ramona and also Beezus in 2010.

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What is Selena Gomez and The Scene?Selena Gomez and the step is a popular music music band through Selena Gomez as the command singer. Selena determined she didn\"t want to make solo albums, yet wanted come be part of a band. Therefore she began up the band The Scene. Their first two albums go gold offering over 500,000 copies. In 2010 the band won Breakout Artist of the Year ~ above the Teen an option Awards.A list of Selena Gomez movies and also TV showsMovies2003 Spy youngsters 3-D: video game Over2005 Walker, Texas Ranger: trial by Fire2006 brain Zapped2008 one more Cinderella Story2008 Horton Hears a Who!2009 Princess security Program2009 Wizards that Waverly Place: The Movie2009 Arthur and the Vengeance that Maltazard2010 Ramona and also Beezus2011 Monte CarloTV2003 - 2004 Barney & Friends2006 The Suite Life the Zack and also Cody2007 - 2008 Hannah Montana2009 Sonny with a Chance2009 The Suite Life ~ above Deck2007 - present Wizards of Waverly Place
Fun Facts around Selena GomezShe is called after the renowned Mexican-American singer-song writer Selena.Selena ended up being the youngest ambassador come UNICEF in 2009 at age 17.She has actually a dog called Chip who she adopted from an animal shelter.She has actually her own line the fashion clothing.Back come BiographiesOther Actors and Musicians biographies:


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