Many of the best an excellent ideas and also inventions take place when you’re not also looking because that it. The dry-erase board, also known as a whiteboard, and also a dry-wipe board was developed in the 1950’s by a photographer called Martin Heit. Apparently he was emerging some movie in a darkroom and also decided to directory the negative by composing on them with a marker.

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Later, he noticed that the writing from the marker wiped off really easily, and voila (sound that light clicking here) – he acquired an idea.

Heit created some material similar to photographic negatives, however made castle white. He patented the idea and also eventually sold it come a agency named Dri-Mark, hopefully because that a many money.

For a long time the white surface was fastened to steel plates, which made them very heavy. Later they to be stuck to fragment board i beg your pardon lightened their weight, but they would wear out in about a year.

Whiteboards didn’t come to be widely supplied until number of years later when the surfaces to be improved and marker ink was arisen to be removed with a unique eraser.

In the 1990’s institutions became an extremely interested in whiteboards due to the fact that of the worry over allergy to chalk dust. Businesses that employ a lot of creative talent love whiteboards because of the countless colors that deserve to be used to illustrate brand-new ideas and also concepts.

As you deserve to see, the assets has been consistently improved, but like every manufactured item, the dry-erase board has actually a life-expectancy. The is why Whiteboard-in-a-Box is therefore ingenious. Once a typical whiteboard, enclosed to timber or particle board beginning to shed it’s shining finish, it’s high-quality to replace the totality board. Whiteboard-in-a-Box is a an excellent alternative since it allows you to easily re-surface the worn board, at a portion of the price of a new board.

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Whiteboard-in-a-Box is easy to size and also cut, and it just adheres to the old whiteboard, and looks shiny and new. Numerous seamless size are available at or

Markers, erasers, and marker clips are additionally available.

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