Valentine"s work is gaining closer and closer, making anyone scramble to sort through their love lives. Is there someone you"ve already got your eye on? someone you"ve to be crushing on for a while and also can"t seem to prevent thinking around now the Feb. 14 is comes up? If you"re in the mood to perform something romantic when the huge day comes around, you may be wondering exactly how to ask who to be your Valentine, follow to their zodiac sign.

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If you"re one astrology geek, her crush"s zodiac sign is more than likely something friend looked up as soon as you learned as soon as their birthday is, right? And, if you"re even more sneaky 보다 that, you could have even discovered their birth time and looked increase their complete chart. Ns mean, same, so nothing to it is in ashamed of, in my opinion. Since you"re clearly just together obsessed through astrology as I am, you have to go the extra mile and also check not just your crush"s sunlight sign, but additionally their Venus sign and moon sign. After ~ all, Venus rules end the way your crush receives love, and the moon rule over your emotional world. In bespeak to win them over on Valentine"s Day, you"ve gotta cover all the bases.


Aries: it is in Confident and Straightforward

An Aries doesn"t want you to beat approximately the bush. No have to play games. No need to gain all shy and also nervous either. Just go up to them, stay confident (they can"t resist confidence), and also ask them.

Taurus: acquire Them A kind Gift

If you obtain a Taurus a thoughtful current on Valentine"s Day, they"re so much much more likely to expropriate your proposal. That doesn"t need to be high-quality or end the top, just coherent and personal to them.

Gemini: Ask them In A Super creative Way

A Gemini doesn"t really treatment for all the sultry and also romantic frills. However, they truly can"t deny something that"s inventive and also creative. If you deserve to blow their mind, they"ll certainly want to be her Valentine.

Cancer: create Them A Romantic Letter

The way to gain to a Cancer on Valentine"s day is with the heart, no question around it. Compose them a sentimental and also sweet love letter that explains all the factors why there"s no one for you however them.

Leo: Invite Them to Something Glamorous

At the end of the day, a Leo is larger than life and sometimes also a diva. They love glamorous, flashy things and they definitely love being displayed off. If girlfriend can provide them a factor to feel favor royalty, they"re yours.

Virgo: Ask them Honestly and also In Advance

You don"t must be pass out or esoteric v a Virgo top top Valentine"s Day. Just ask them come be your Valentine. However, let them understand in advancement so that they deserve to mentally prepare because that the romantic time ahead.


Libra: Flirt v Them before Asking

Libras look at romance favor a song and also dance or a fun and also flirty video game to be played. Law this proposal together such. No have to rush into it. Egg lock on with cute flirtations and get castle intrigued before you ask.

Scorpio: Look lock In The Eyes and Ask

Scorpios have no difficulty with deep and also overwhelming romance, nor execute they have an worry with intensity. You can just watch them straight in the eyes, let them feel like you"re see straight right into their soul, climate ask.

Sagittarius: take it Them On one Adventure

When it comes to romance, a Sagittarius doesn"t care for gifts or sentimentality. They just want to walk on an adventure through you. So, setup something interesting and spontaneous, then ask castle to companion you.

Capricorn: arrangement A Romantic Dinner for Them

When it involves Valentine"s Day, a Capricorn respects traditions. You can arrangement a romantic, candle-lit dinner and also ask them to be her Valentine. However, don"t blindside them. Instead, ask them come pencil the day in.

Aquarius: Invite lock On A dual Date

The Aquarius on her mind loves to it is in social and share the romance, so why not setup a dual date ~ above Valentine"s Day? asking them come be her date and also then make it sound like a society thing. It would take the push off a bit, too.

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Pisces: gain Them Roses and Romance

Go all out v the cuteness, the romance, and the thoughtfulness because that a Pisces top top Valentine"s Day. Obviously, don"t it is in weird or pushy about it, however a tiny slice of sugary love will certainly leave her Pisces feeling so adored.