“Vampire Diaries” fans much better grab part tissues for the might 16 season 4 finale. Speculation about a significant twist v the cure has actually been scan the web … and also all indicators are pointing come a not-so-pretty ending for Damon in illustration 23, title “Graduation.”

As viewers that the struggle CW series already know, ghosts of Mystic drops past are earlier in town to row up part trouble for the gang. When each has actually made his or she fair re-superstructure of enemies, Damon appears to be attracting the most unwanted (and possibly deadly) attention.

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The leaked synopsis for “Graduation” reveals the Damon’s life will certainly be in danger after a ghostly encounter. Back the details of the threats surrounding him have remained a mystery, TV guide recently dished that everyone’s favorite poor boy might be “in mortal peril” … possibly as result of a werewolf bite!

“It’s no surprised that in the "Vampire Diaries" finale, countless of our heroes will be in mortal peril,” the website teased. Stating a photo from illustration 23 that shows a came to Elena looking in ~ an injury top top Damon, TV Guide continued that the wound in inquiry is “similar come one the once practically killed Damon.” choose a werewolf bite?!

We doubt that Klaus or Tyler would certainly be brutal sufficient to take it a nip in ~ Damon, for this reason our money is on the fatal bite coming from an unfriendly ghost. If the deceased Mason Lockwood appears to it is in the most obvious werewolf candidate for revenge, viewers can’t forget that Damon also played a component in slaughtering few of Klaus’ hybrids.

The real concern now bordering Damon’s grave situation is exactly how he will certainly recover. Many thanks to Ian Somerhalder’s Twitter, we know that he will certainly be return to Atlanta come shoot season 5. However will Damon be a vampire, ghost or a human once the loss rolls around?


A still from episode 23 confirms that Klaus will make one appearance at graduation, therefore one choice for Damon might be the werewolf-bite healing via the Originals blood. Damon currently drank Klaus’ blood when to conserve his eternal life from a werewolf bite, but the blood came through a price: Stefan’s freedom.

Would Stefan offer himself approximately Klaus again because that the possibility to conserve Damon? That might possibly be what TV overview was referring to in an older spoiler that revealed a character will be “heading on a path that will leave fans screaming at your screen.” We have the right to definitely snapshot Stefan relocating to brand-new Orleans in “The Originals” spinoff to come to be Klaus’ number two.


Thanks to a couple season 5 teases, fans already know the Bonnie, Caroline and Elena will certainly be rooming together in college. The only problem is the Bonnie died in episode 22. If it’s feasible that Bonnie could take the cure, another option is that the veil in between both human beings will remain down. If Damon does dice from a werewolf bite, he can still stick approximately town together a ghost.


While Klaus’ blood can cure Damon of the werewolf bite venom, the really cure floating around town would fully heal him. In episode 22 Alaric handed the cure to Damon so the he might “get the girl.” Damon never expressed interest in becoming a human and also would never take the cure for self … unless someone compelled it on him. Through his life in grave danger, we have actually no doubt that, as soon as push concerns shove, Elena would certainly sacrifice the chance to become a human herself in stimulate to save Damon.

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To more fuel our theories of Damon taking the cure, Klaus’ Joseph Morgan described to Digital Spy the whoever bring away it will certainly “be a surprised for everyone.”

Catch the season 4 finale of "The Vampire Diaries" top top Thursday, might 16, at 8 p.m. Top top the CW.